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  1. Andy81287yt

    * NEW FEATURE * - Spectator Shortcuts

    Tried this on ps4, only a few buttons work which, as @ILRT_Owenmentioned is only some of the f buttons (f1, f2, F5, 6 and 7) plus when the mini box is up the arrow keys work to do that instead of controller directional I would love to see keyboard functioning available to seamlessly jump from one player to another. Gtsport has had this method since it was launched and it works really well, allowing you to press any of the top row numbers (1-0) to jump to that car in the top ten and then the first row of letters does 11 to 20. They also have other button functions and are easily findable online but for commentators and leagues having keyboard option on all platforms would be amazing and could make the streams look better, I know I get annoyed leaving the box on the left open from time to time Could this be something implemented for 2020 on console or if not can it be looked into for future games? @BarryBL
  2. Andy81287yt


    As a commentator on league racing the up to date HUD on broadcasts would be brilliant. However those saying they want the graphics when out on track, that is, IMO, silly. The screen clutter would be crazy and take up huge amounts of screen area that would normally be used to see who is alongside etc. I don't even see the point of that being optional tbh as that much would, again, be too much on screen at once. What we have just now I think works well, maybe a bit of spit and polish as they say to make it look good but the full tv HUD while driving, no thanks.