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  1. FernandoVDM


    It's hopeless. Always the same Safety Car, Tv graphics,...
  2. FernandoVDM

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    I'm playing on 105 AI and racing for McLaren. I got 2nd in qualifying (dry conditions). The race was in wet conditions and suddenly I was ~2 seconds slower than the others. So frustrating to see that the game gets worse and worse with the patches
  3. FernandoVDM

    Track models in F1 2019

    @mj_coop Baku, Bahrain, Spa, also Mexico at a few spots, Singapore, ...
  4. FernandoVDM

    Track models in F1 2019

    Hello, I'd like to know if the track models we saw in the gameplay videos from yesterday in Bahrain and Baku are still from F1 2018 or if they are already the ones were gonna see F1 2019. Kerbs are exacty the same like in F1 2018 without any changes at all even though they are not like in real life (E.g. Bahrain T2 on the inside or Baku T8) I'm someone whos really into such details and it would be a little bit disappointing if there wouldnt be any further changes at all.
  5. FernandoVDM


    Very disappointing ­čś×
  6. Some historical tracks I'd suggest: Old Hockenheim, Valencia, Jerez, Brands Hatch, Old Imola, N├╝rburgring, Malaysia, Kyalami, Old Zandvoort, Old ├ľsterreichring, Magny Cours, Istanbul
  7. I'm so hyped I'm checking my email every few hours if there is a new message about the beta
  8. FernandoVDM

    Cranes, Debris & Other details

    I agree that these would be very nice features but I think it is very hard to implement them into Multiplayer mode especially when everybody has full control of their car during Safety Car. Also Safety Car starts in rain are not necessary in my opinion. They are very rare (once every 3 or 4 seasons?) and considering the current regulations it would be just driving behind the Safety Car before forming up on the grid again and do a normal start. I feel like that would be just lengthening races...
  9. I'm so hyped for the game this year! Hopefully Codies will make me part of the Beta programme
  10. FernandoVDM


    If you give Codies the money for laserscanning and an engine for moving freely in the paddock (which would be a dumb feature because it is a racing game and not GTA) your wishes may come true
  11. FernandoVDM


    Watch the trailer
  12. FernandoVDM

    How can I improve my times in time trial mode?

    1) Turn off Traction control completely and use manual gears 2) Upshift out of corners early to get on the power as strong as possible 3) Watch videos of other (faster) times (eg on Youtube) and keep in mind which gears they use! (I made 0.4 secs in Hungary by doing this)
  13. Hi guys, just want to know your opinion: I'd like to know how much quicker you can go on a wheel or how fast can you go playing on the pad. In time trial in Hungary I set a 1:14.468 using a normal PS4 controller. You can always find a tenth here and there but I don't think it's possible to find 0.7 secs. What's your opinion? PS That's my 1:14.4... I really can't improve that lap time
  14. Absolutely agree. I'm in the second full season in my league (next race is Silverstone) and the Safety Car came out in Singapore once and also once in Abu Dhabi. The funny thing is when I'm in a custom lobby with 2 or 3 mates and one of us spins out accidently the VSC is deployed sooo often. I have the feeling the more people are in the lobby the smaller is the chance of a Safety Car. Dont get me wrong. The multiplayer mode this year works very well but the Safety Car is a joke...
  15. FernandoVDM

    F1 2019 wishlist

    3) is also one of my biggest wishes Furthermore I'd really like to have the possibility to save replays of my races offline and especially ONLINE! Imagine we could edit the videos and release race highlights of league races Helmet design editors (like in GT Sport) would also be great, maybe even with the option to implement advertising spaces on the helmet with the main sponsor of the team you are driving for for example red bull