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  1. Multiplayer: 18-minute qualifying with AI. They only do 1 lap. I have played several online races with a friend. We had to stop using short qualifying (18 minutes) because the AI only does one flying lap at the beginning of the session. After that, they stay in the garage until the end of the session.
  2. I feel that the game has reached its limit in the current engine. A new engine is needed to fix bugs they were never able to do so. Safety car for instance.
  3. They ruined AI in the rain after patch 1.05 I think. Please get it back to how it was when the game was launched. If you are playing offline at least you have a workaround which is to decrease the AI level but if you're online that's not possible
  4. Geoff Crammonds GP4 has the best AI I've ever seen in the gaming world. Wondering where people who programmed that game are, CM should definitely hire them!
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