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  1. Is there any telemetry app for PS4 that allows the user to save date from a particular race? The one I use and paid for doesn't have the save data option.
  2. They should make that option open for our own choice, just like grand prix mode. some tracks like Brazil are fun to play in wet.
  3. I am anxious for the performance patch to start my career. Meanwhile I am playing a F2 championship.
  4. Car feels lighter and agile on track. From F1 2015 to 2018 it felt like I was driving a boat. Handling model in 2019 reminds me a little of Assetto Corsa but of course, F1 still arcade.
  5. ffigueir

    F1 2019 - mechanical issues

    In F1 2018 the AI had to many car failures. It was not realistic at all. Not sure if that has changed in 2019. I hope so.
  6. ffigueir

    [PS4] frame rate [ZX]

    @Faya Base PS4 I viewed a lot of cars in the showroom. The frame rate issue started when I headed to Time Trial mode. I tried a quick race in Grand Prix mode and the issue was still there. Restart the game seemed to be the workaround. I had been playing for more than 1 hour
  7. ffigueir

    [PS4] frame rate [ZX]

    I had frame rate issues twice after a while playing the game. It started when I played time trial. Both times I had to close the game and re open it.
  8. How does car handling differ from 2018 ?
  9. ffigueir

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    You cannot judge a book by its cover. You have to actually read the whole book before giving your final say about it.