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  1. TheSevillista87

    F1 2019 Cover Concept

    Hi guys. After the "big announcement" of F1 2019 (including the covers), I decided to make some concepts about how the cover would have done. Following the style and colors used this year by Codemasters, I made some changes to the concept. I added the Hamilton and Vettel cars, reflecting the rivalry of both this year as we saw in the past. These cars are kept in the rest of covers of different countries, although it could do in a V2 the cover of each country with different cars, depending on the country and its local driver. I hope you like these concepts, the whole project is in my Behance profile. I would appreciate a constructive opinion to try to improve in future projects. Here some covers that I made: (These concepts are made by me without the intention of obtaining income with it, I only do them by hobbie).