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  1. Jet7352

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Firstly, love the game. Improvements would be - please add pitstops! Fuel use and tyre changers. Like f1 these could have settings so aspects can be adjusted to suit different players.
  2. Jet7352

    Q's - split times and other HUD

    Thanks everyone for your answers. So are the split times relative to MY previous sector times from prior laps or are they relative to the other competitors sector times? Similarly, Is the position rank ("1st", "2nd" ect) my sector time relative to all the other competitors sector times? Ie "1st" would mean I'm the fastest of all competitors for that sector?
  3. Loving Grid Autosport! Can someone please give a full explanation on the split/sector times that show up when qualifying including what the different coloured arrows (up and down) mean, what the positive or negative split times are relative to, and is the position number the time ranking for just that sector against all competitors? And also what are the bar icons adjacent to the flashback counter that say 'balanced' with a helmet next to them. Would be happy to look all these things up in a manual but there isn't one. Thank you!
  4. Jet7352

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    further to above ... my only suggestion so far is that I found the open-wheeler front antenna to be too distracting / annoying as it's centre screen in the head level view I use. I would request that this antenna be removed.
  5. Jet7352

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Grid Autosport ... Love it! Love it! Love it! First few hours playing and love it! I'm a realistic sim racer but know a little balance of fun is also good. Much better than Grid 2 for realism. Jumped straight into Career and completed my first Touring season. Got used to the under-steer and started driving more realistically (vs my Grid 2 bad habits). Loved the close, pack racing with highly competitive AI. Then jumped across for my next season in the open-wheelers. Here I found my racing heaven. Best racing I've ever had. Sharp turning fast cars where smooth acceleration is required to not spin out. I was quickly able to feel the traction point and love that even if a slide occurs you can still control it and not automatically spin out! It feels real! (more playable than my F1 2012) Was so great to be able to jump between racing types each season for variety! And for the player to choose. Great job Codemasters!