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  1. Yes! Now it's here and kicks CM ass all over the place. Want to reconsider?? :-)
  2. Did they ever fix it? :D Don't bother I know the answer LOLOLOLOL
  3. F1 2015 needs only one thing for me: A PROPER CAREER MODE!!! 1. Live the Life MUST come back. (give peeps a switch to bypass if they don't want to.) 2. Multiple years need to be simulated correctly. F1 2010-F1 2015. Should be no problem in my opinion. All driver changes-rule changes etc. Make it epic. 3. Work on the AI MUCH MUCH MUCH more. Forget the bling guys. AI is the MOST important feature. You get that right this time, and you will get flattered with compliments as the racing becomes believable.  4. Random breakdowns based on real data. Possibility of driver mistakes. (if license d
  4. F1 2014 quick recension and feedback. What it is: A solid F1 racing game, the sim/simcade with the best engine sound for F1 cars ever, technically the pinnacle of last gen F1 series games IMO(gfx fast out of box, no glitches, very polished look), A STOP GAP TO F1 2015 - for $50.00???? If I would have received a 50% off voucher for F1 2015 ok, but on pre-purchase only?  What it is NOT/what it is lacking: it lacks SOUL! There is no meaning to anything, it lacks features of former releases, it STILL has no comeback to 'Live the life'-when will they understand that F1 fascination takes
  5. 'In fact a majority of PC players don't have PC's that would out power the PS4 currently.' - DarkRedslayer LOLOLOL complete BS. Every GTX5xx series equipped PC with an i5 or i7 outpowers the PS4. Those 'NextGen' consoles were last gen on release dude. I am seriously amused by comments of that nature. :smile: 
  6. THEY ADD IMMERSION!!! Try reading a book. Try to develop your capability to let your fantasy drive. Then come back and see a computer game not only as a mechanical 'do this and get this' type thing but more of a piece of art, that should also entertain 'in between the lines' so to speak. I require intelligent entertainment, that has style. I hope this answers your question!? As long as there is a switch for you to turn it all off we are all happy-agree? :wink: 
  7. I REALLY want the 'live the life' feature to return. I loved the paddock and off the track interaction(although somewhat unfinished). I think all of this should return and add some meaningful mechanics to it and career would be a winner. Woul never need to be changed ever again. :) Co-op championship/career mode with not having to drive in the same team would be nice also. Ok, of course THIS time there won't be a corrupt savegame bug, right? RIGHT?
  8. @scottishwildcat:  Quote: "I’d be surprised if it’s anything like the majority… in ten years of online gaming I don’t think I’ve ever done that (not least because most of Europe has gone to bed by the time I can get anywhere near my Xbox!) That said, it’s certainly hard to imagine why anyone would get so upset about other people playing the game however they like, as long as they’re playing within the framework Codemasters provides and not actively spoiling anybody else's enjoyment of it." This kind of comment is typical for you and I cannot endorse this whatever-is possible in game -is
  9. Just proved him right with that link. LOL you obviously cannot read. But meh.....whatever. If you are referring to the genre scenario making up the numbers, then this only means one thing: If someone dared to produce a decent enough racing game that PC players would want to own (actually would feel compelled to won) then this would change quite significantly. Consoles are NOT where the money is right now. Period.
  10. As nVidia stated on their website-its an engine issue and needs addressing from dev side. Thus it has been patched by CM. You just contradicted yourself. I my post the link if you like. Don't think it's necessary though, right? :)
  11. @dirt3joe: 'my guess is it is the console games that susidise the PC dev, not the other way round. If the sales were on PC alone the game would never happen. What is surprising IMO is not that CM caters so well for the PC, but why they bother at all. If you are a business you go where the money is.' Complete BS btw. Please read, consider, understand and learn: http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2014/04/analyst-pc-gaming-now-brings-in-more-money-than-console-gaming/
  12. LOL as if next-gen would make ANY difference to CPU power or lack thereof. The next-gen consoles are hanging already 2 generations behind any stock PC on release.  Would be nice, but I have the feeling, that monetary interests these days are shortening the development phases to the extent where bling is often considered not necessary.  @Andi: Excuse me? Why are pit-stops the only factor for making weather effects viable please?? It changes the dynamic of a given race regardless. I do not understand that notion whatsoever.
  13. Since development/project turnaround times need to be reasonably short for it to be financially viable for CM> How would you feel about taking away this constraint by crowdfunding another development with the intent to allow for longer development, thus better gameplay, significantly reduced bugs due to more time and an overall increase in quality??
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