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  1. Timm53


    Hi, Same problem on PS4, He says MFD in fact it's on the Radio section.
  2. Timm53

    Radio commands

    I find when using the radio I like to use my headset/mic to get info, but half the time I get Jeff saying "Please repeat I did get that or theres static etc"
  3. Thanks Guys. In fact I was doing the Qualifying section and not the practice. Seems strange that you set the period for 30 mins, drive out of garage with only 2 laps of fuel. Surely this is not correct? The only way I can sort this one out is do the 2 laps, go on to the low fuel mode, or even select go back to garage where the tanks a auto filled and drive out again for another 2 laps.
  4. Hi, Just a couple of silly questions. I am starting of doing the F2 section in game, and noticed that on my practice section I have only got 2 laps of fuel. Question 1. How do I top up my tanks? I have looked in the car setup section on the display panel when in pits and can't see anything to do this. Question 2. Have CM disabled the fuel selection when you want to select between LEAN - STANDARD - RICH ? I see that you can assign a key command to do this but not able to do it in game.
  5. Hi Guys, Just a quick one here, am playing 2021 on my ps4 and just need to confirm if this is an error, but when I get told "Check your MFD for a new strategy option" this is not on the MFD but shows up on the Radio section. Looked on MFD when this first came through, checked MFD nothing and then later I check my radio and there it was.
  6. Hi Guys, Not sure what has happened here but when I'm giving the end of race interview to the Media, I'm getting Karen (Think thats her name) giving us a question followed by the 2/3 option replies but when asked on my views I just get a a deadly quiet screen. No feedback sound at all. I been on YouTube and can see that there should be sound.
  7. Would it be possible to add in the next update a PIT indicator, to show if Pit is available (RED if your team mate is in, GREEN for you). 
  8. Thanks for that, all working now, did the Broadcast mode t o start and the app clicked in straight away. Went back into PS and re-armed UDP Telemetry and works even better. So thanks for that. Nice that it then deletes the HUD on TV screen. Just need to look at if it's possible to add  DRS  LED so I can see if it been enabled as I notice that some cars there's no indication on the wheel if it's been engaged. Might be a template out there with it. Might even purchase the F1 2017 version HUD. Once again thanks for help
  9. Thanks for that, Entered the phones IP on PS4, and went through your tutorial and still came up with NOT CONNECTED. Never mind I will keep trying. Many thanks again
  10. Can some help me here, downloaded this app went through the tuturiol and noticed that the app gave a different IP address to what my PS4 was giving. Should I change this to what the app gives? Also how do you get my phone and the PS4  to talk to each other? As the task bar states not connected
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