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    DiRT Rally feedback list

    I gotta get my head off to this game! its just amazing at the early access stage, really good work! And i hope the release version of this game will be include much more content. Will be cool to see Subaru Legacy (legendary Colin McRae car), Lancer Evo 5, 6 or 6.5 Tommi Makinen Ed., also Lancer Evo 8 or 9, Toyota Celica's, Citroen Xsara. And more stages and countries as Japan (asphalt + gravel, i think.., like in old CMR game series), Australia, Corsica France (passes asphalt stages with a lot of hairpins). And more weather variety as afternoon rain, evening rain, drizzle, etc.. And more dust and dirt on the cars like in Dirt3 game)) And improve crash physics of course :smile: and Random Mechanical FailuresAlso, it would be really cool to occasionally get a failure, could be anything from stuck windscreen wipers to punctures, overheating or failure with a gearbox, etc. It should be depend on engineers skill - only one mechanic in our team and he has low gearbox or brakes skill? > Sometimes we can have problem with some gear (eg. crashes 4th gear) or weak brakes, but our mechanic got mad skills with engine and cooling system, so there is no overheating anymore. So we can take a choice - fire that mechanic or keep him in the team for growth his skills or hire another one. It makes sense to hire a good engineers. It will be really interesting and risky for every stage, for every country. Keep it up, i already love this game, one of the best rally games for a long time ever! Cheers!