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  1. Screamingcyc

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    The money issue for repairing cars needs to be sorted ASAP. There is absolutely no point buying a car when you can't afford to repair it for each race let alone save for any more cars. If the prices aren't changed you may as well forget about the option to buy cars. As for the leader-boards, there seems to be an option missing (on 360 anyway). What you say is correct, when you change from 'friends' to 'global' it only shows the 20 above you and the 20 below you, no option to see the top times. There should be 'friends', 'near me' (which is what global is showing) and 'global' to show the top times. The only way to see the top times is to look at 'global' before you set your own time, then you see the overall top time, but once you race and set your time you can't see it again. Not sure what else is in this thread, but overall the game is great and has actually got me off Grid 1 (for now at least anyway). Only found a few minor niggles apart from above which are:At the end of a multi player custom championship, the final results leader-board is only shown once back in the lobby, but the order of results is totally mixed up, so the winner will be half way down the page. Please show final standings (in order) before going back to the lobby. Option for host to kick players between championship races (we reduce the number of races in case an idiot joins, let us kick them out between races!) And not sure who came up with grey writing on grey background! It may be fine on some monitors/TV's, but my 5 year old plasma just doesn't handle it too well. Please at least have sensible colour choices.
  2. I don't think it matters what damage is done during races. I had a few clean races with no contact against 1 other player and it was soon down to 0%. It then cost 90,000 to fix.This certainly needs changing as we now have to keep switching between a loan car and out own in order to maintain it. This means you never get a chance to buy another car with these sort of costs.  Other than that I agree with most of you, it's a great game and a nice change from Grid 1 which I have still been playing up to the release of this. But please, please get the repair costs sorted.
  3. Screamingcyc

    No Events in Racenet on xbox360?

    Think you're looking in the wrong place, that comes up if you click Racenet in the options screen I believe. Go to multiplayer (xbox live), then select Racenet. Can't remember what options you have but if you join/create a club I know you can access info from there.
  4. Screamingcyc

    Pre-order not arrived

    My copy arrived today. Ordered from ShopTo.