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  1. Guys listen.... The FFB relating to wheel and steering forces is EXCELLENT.... as is. What is missing is the ROAD FEEL. We need a light rumble for tarmac, a little more for gravel and when you are in the air.... Nothing ! That is Stage 1 and the bare minimum. You had this in Dirt 2 and 3 for goodness sake... AND in your F1 games where at least you managed some for rumble strips. Stage 2..... add some engine vibration etc., Rumble of floorboards on bridges. Stage 3..... add some Intensity Sliders so people can modulate how much they have of each type, to suit their personal preferences or their wheel / controller. For me.... If you managed Stage 1, it would be a good start. I cannot play this game as it feels like I am driving 2 inches above the ground, or on a sheet of ice. You cannot tell what surface you are on or when it changes.... You cannot tell when you are sliding (a judder effect is needed for this). Come on.... You have done it before, there is no excuse. At the moment this game is like a wedding cake without the icing on the top. Look at Project Cars.... Or even Euro Truck Simulator ! Both are a lot more visceral and immersive as a result of basic 'feel'. Heck even canned effects would be better than nothing.
  2. xGabe62x

    AI aggressivity

    Do you mean "Aggression" ? You spell 'annoying' correctly .... oh, the irony.
  3. xGabe62x

    How to get refund

    Bought mine from Green Man Gaming.... no refunds allowed once you activated the key. Will never do that again !
  4. xGabe62x

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Server Connectivity Issues

    Codies have never understood this concept. It goes back a long way. Forza shows you where are in the leaderboards....if you are in the 5% or 10% etc etc. An absolute rank.... number 252nd or 1002 th, is a meaningless statistic. Just typical really.
  5. xGabe62x

    Darkness and rain all the time

    Great idea. Even Euro Truck simulator has a slider for " percentage chance of rain ". Not rocket science, is it ?
  6. xGabe62x

    Darkness and rain all the time

    "GIVE A KID A BOX OF MATCHES". An old cliche, but true nonetheless. 'Look how great our rain effects are, especially with the night lighting effects.' .......Of course, 90 percent of the tracks will be run at night, and in the rain.
  7. xGabe62x

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    I agree....  But there is too much grip on the monaco roads. Needs reducing a little imo. 
  8. xGabe62x

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    FWD cars way too twitchy on loose surfaces.  Handbrake barely works with FWD,  wheras in reality it should spin the car quite easily.  These cars are ruining the games for me.  Just loaded up dirt 3, and even with my 15 pc reduction in grip mod,  the fwd cars are awesome. 
  9. xGabe62x

    DiRT Rally - Force Feedback

    That is subjective.. the FFB mod seems to work for Logitech Wheels... but I don't have a Logitech wheel so slip/grip forces remain inverted. Ok,  didn't know that,  but for the me the main advantage of the mod is adding surface vibrations, which they appear to have completely forgotten!  Guess if steering forces are still reversed,  switch off 'wheel strength'  until its sorted. There's an interesting video on YouTube showing a very good sim-driver demonstrating the difference between having the (reversed) steering ffb on vs switching it down to zero. 
  10. xGabe62x

    DiRT Rally - Force Feedback

    There is a way of transforming the ffb...  Trust me, it's so strong,  you need to turn it down!  See steam thread or racedepartment sites for 'modified ffb'  mod.  Great start. 
  11. xGabe62x

    Known Issues - UPDATED 05/05/2015

    Save and exit using wheel controller,  freezes game every time.  No 1280x720p resolution!  FWD cars way to twitchy...  Drive like muscle cars.  Otherwise looking good.... Once road rumble introduced -  using ffb mod for now...  You should try it and employ the guy 8-)
  12. xGabe62x

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Seriously?  Leaving out such a fundamental function.  You're dreaming.  It's an oversight at best, deliberately done, at worst. Look at the effects xml file. There is nothing for surface vibrations.   Maybe you don't 'understand the concept'  of coding.  Anyway, the point of this thread is to list issues.  So i have the right to 'remind'  them to code for some ffb and road vibration into to their 'sim'... just when they have time.. no hurry. 
  13. xGabe62x

    DiRT Rally - Force Feedback

    Agreed.  DFGT here,  and you feel the road only when landing,  and if you go off the track .  A bit of steering resistance is all i get.  Worryingly, there doesn't seem to be any settings for road surface vibrations as there is in the earlier dirt and grid games.  See the effects xml file in the "feedback"  folder. Nothing there, and thus nothing to tweak like mods did in previous games.  Don't understand this change !
  14. xGabe62x

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    There is NO surface differential feedback provided for in the coding of the game !!! Checked the effectsetup xml file in the feedback folder and there are no setting for different surfaces as there is in the older Dirt games -and indeed - Grid Autosport. Why have they striped out all the feedback elements if this is meant to be a sim ???
  15. xGabe62x

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Although the weather effects are brilliant, there is a severe hit to fps performance. So unless you have an uber pc,  you need to decide whether to afjust graphics for fine weather or poor weather.   It would be useful if the weather settings could be tweaked a little more to allow a more equitable performance,  in terms of fps, for any given combination of graphical  settings.  Could the graphics be auto-scaled when it is raining? Or maybe you could  have more sliders and explanations as to what the weather sliders actually do?    Alternatively the main graphics such as tree quality or textures could be reduced automatically when it is rainy. Otherwise it becomes a real pain requiring constant tweaking, compromising on graphics settings,  or a monster pc -  when it wouldn't matter!   Just a thought.