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  1. It would be awesome, but unlikely. There's a lot more going into track creation in games that we never get to see, or realise - stuff that takes time.
  2. When the white Deployment bar (D) is empty, you're done for the lap, even if the yellow Charge bar is at 50%. Also, in career mode your components can wear, meaning it doesn't charge fully, meaning reduced deployment per lap.
  3. https://www.investopedia.com/terms/p/per-capita-gdp.asp#:~:text=What Is Per Capita GDP,a country by its population.
  4. Yeah, you're gonna have to rethink those regional prices. Not paying more than 3X what I paid last year, they exist for a reason.
  5. Google still works. Last year's pole was a 27.2, so 27 low is quite fast for 75% AI. But I have no idea where you pulled "15 seconds faster" claim out of - it'll be 6 at most. The game is indeed a little faster than real life though, for obvious reasons.
  6. Does it work in other non-Codies games? I use T-LCM via USB and it works out of the box.₩
  7. Why is it designed like this? E.g. I wanted to simulate FP1 at Bahrain so I can do FP2 instead as it is the only night practice session, but after simulating FP1 I am taken directly to Qualifying. Surely this should only be simulating the session you're simulating?
  8. Of course they change a wing without changing tyres in real life. An option to imitate this should be available.
  9. Have you tried activating the existing key on Steam, maybe it works? https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=5414-tfbn-1352
  10. What 5 new tracks for 2021? The currently confirmed races include no new tracks that weren't in F1 2020.
  11. Agreed - there needs to be a "Realistic" setting as well - most corners in real life can be cut/extended without penalty, others not. That being said, "Regular" is a lot more realistic than "Strict" - it allows more cutting, but is a bit too lenient in the corners where you'd get a penalty in real life, i.e. the final 2 corners at Red Bull Ring.
  12. Just to be clear, I wasn't the one who called you that. Get some glasses, grandpa.
  13. https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/kiddo
  14. I am very anal when it comes to updates, to the point where I check my motherboard support pages for updates almost every day. Windows Updates get installed as soon as they're available. Nvidia driver updates get installed as soon as they are released - I check Guru3d every day to see whether a new driver is released. Let me be clear on my views with regards to updates: IMO it's borderline irresponsible to not update everything possible as soon as possible, unless there's a 100% valid reason (i.e. some people have issues with specific versions that cause crashes). I have installed ne
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