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  1. Piggybacks: Most of the grid not being picked up by the timing tree, and many in the wrong positions: Cars going the wrong way in the Monza pitlane: Other than that, the race went fine.
  2. They obviously can, but it would be a stupid decision to.
  3. It's simply a case of the risk vs. reward is too low in the game. I can guarantee you that everybody in real life would be taking the same lines if it were as low risk and high reward as it is in the game. In real life, the deterrent is that these surfaces are a lot more slippery, so you would lose time under both braking and turn-in, which you don't in the game because the grip levels are simply too high - not to mention the very real possibility of lock-ups which would destroy your race due to the nature of the tyres. In the game, you just don't lock up here, and in the rare cases where
  4. Ho3n3r

    Real season?

    Agreed. Maybe I'm old-school, but I used to pick a driver I liked at the time (i.e. Raikkonen as it was his debut season and he was brilliant) in Grand Prix 4, and enjoyed trying to emulate or better their real-life results. Also, career mode is awesome but just too time-consuming in terms of doing upgrades, practice programs etc. for someone who works 10 hours a day - I don't want to faff about, I just want to get in and drive.
  5. Ho3n3r

    Real season?

    Go to Grand Prix and select 2021 FIA F1 Season from the tabs at the top.
  6. This has always been the case, since 2010. It was reiterated a few years ago (around 2018) when people were confused why top speeds were so different at tracks with similar main straight lengths with the same wing setting.
  7. Amazing, ironic that they tried to lessen the confusion with fewer settings in some places this year but added others to make it more confusing and overlapping. I will try disabling the telemetry as well and see if that works.
  8. A detailed description of the issue. Doing Time Trial at Bahrain, I tried to switch off racing line, but it just stays on. Exited/re-entered the game multiple times and it still remains the same. Report Code Didn't take report code, sorry. Platform? PC Game mode? Time Trial [PC ONLY] Please post your DXDiag, including the make and model of motherboard. DxDiag uploaded. DxDiag 20210809.txt Motherboard: Asus Z370-P II What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. - Disabled every setting I could find,
  9. Can confirm, did a 100% race at Bahrain and this happened on every stint.
  10. Of course they do - that's the only reason it's in the game in the first place.
  11. Firstly, you do know that he's fictional, right? Secondly, offence is taken, not given. Thirdly, why assume we're all young? I'm older than 90% of the grid. It comes down to realism - the same way you would expect 50-60-year-olds in golf games because that's the scenario in real life, you shouldn't expect a 50-year-old in an F1 game, especially not one as part of the main story line.
  12. @QuickRick9 Restart Session = restart session. Naturally takes you back to the grid if it's done during a race session. Replay -> Flashback = Go back a few seconds before you crashed. Retire from session = retire from session and go to next event. Not sure what else you were expecting.
  13. Not to be critical, but: - Hard difficulty seems to be way too easy - e.g. people winning in a Williams at Paul Ricard after what, 8 laps? - It's a story mode, but you play one season as one driver and the next you're magically transformed into his teammate. That doesn't make any sense from a "story" point of view. - Some of the accents... Aiden's mom, her accent is unrecognisable. It's a great idea, but could be so much better. Also looks way too short.
  14. Agreed, definitely looks late 40's. Weird choice.
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