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  1. Ho3n3r


    As others have said, it means absolutely nothing - it can even be plain white as Imola used to be circa 1999-2003.
  2. Ho3n3r

    Replay - Select Lap To View

    You can't. If you've done a 78 lap race at Monaco, you'll need to fast forward for 77 laps if you only want to watch the finish from the replay.
  3. To be fair, he isn't mentioning anything regarding new tracks.
  4. Mine does something similar - driver looks up until the lights go out. I've unbinded all keys below the driving keys, but it is still happening. Looks like the game can't ignore some defaults or something.
  5. Ho3n3r

    F2 Difficulty too easy?

    AI are very easy at Austria this year. Haven't tried Barcelona yet, but I bet many people here would be competitive at 110 AI at Austria who would normally have a good match at around 102-104 at other tracks.
  6. Ho3n3r

    Is any part of this game actually working?

    Early access was version 1.01 - we're on 1.03 now. Beta version numbers start with 0.
  7. Ho3n3r

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    You don't on PC.
  8. Ho3n3r

    Work in progress still?

    What's wrong with it?
  9. Ho3n3r

    Olav mol, Dutch commentary

    Never seen Ziggo or heard of it as it's probably European only so we don't have it here, but I've watched the 90's races where John Watson had to contain himself like a dozen times a race not to call Mol something he shouldn't.
  10. Ho3n3r

    Olav mol, Dutch commentary

    678KM straight??? You would think him being a long-time F1 commentator he would've pointed the obvious mistake on his script out right away.
  11. Ho3n3r

    F1 2019 no HUD in cockpit camera

    I don't wanna rain on your rant parade, but the HUD is most definitely available in cockpit view.
  12. Ho3n3r

    F1® 2020 | BETA Week 3 Testing News

    Haha fair enough.
  13. Ho3n3r

    F1® 2020 | BETA Week 3 Testing News

    Do you know anything about how NDAs work?
  14. Ho3n3r

    F1 2020 Beta

    You'll only see it if you've been accepted.
  15. Ho3n3r

    Too much arcade physics this year

    It was in hotlap mode, which makes sense - combined with the fact that sim times tend to be faster as there is no risk attached.