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  1. Ho3n3r

    Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow

    That's not the same thing - at least have your facts straight before arguing the point. "Team Spirit" was not an actual trademark, just alternate words that had nothing to do with the actual brand - if it was, it wouldn't have been allowed to be used at tobacco-banned races in reality either. McLaren used the names of the drivers to accomplish the same thing, do you want to say that they were tobacco brand related? Mission Winnow was a trademark of PMI, which is very much a tobacco company. You could argue that it's not exactly <insert tobacco brand name here> and that it should be allowed, but that's another argument altogether, and not a battle that Codemasters need/want to get themselves involved with. PEGI 3 may also not allow it anyway.
  2. It sounds a lot better than previous years. I won't mind if it gets released in its current state.
  3. Ho3n3r

    F1 2019 Pit Realise Lights

    What's wrong with the solution? Sounds like a reasonable way to do it.
  4. Toss it. It's an immersion killer, it makes the game feel arcadey. Also, I've had crashes with AI that end both our races - I remember me and Stroll crashing like this at China T1 and his wheel came off, just after my first stop on like lap 20 of 56 - and then the results show him as finishing in P8. Slightly related, another thing that needs to go, is AI taking over your car once you finish your last hotlap in qualifying, we need a manual in-lap, this will also help to prevent the AI quali bug.
  5. Ho3n3r

    mirror in cockpit view of f1 2019, AGAIN?!

    I agree with this, to be honest. When you don't have enough buttons (I have a TM F1 rim, so I don't have that issue), you need to compensate for it in some way. As others have said, VR is the most sensible option for those that can afford it, but CM don't seem to be willing to embrace that any time soon. When I had a G27, the most frustrating thing was the shortage of buttons for things like this. Other racing games have it, even pure sims, because of this very shortcoming. Even a radar like GT Sport would be better than nothing.
  6. That tyre ghosting with TAA on needs to be rectified as well. I hope FXAA returns, like we had in 2017.
  7. Ho3n3r

    Resource points

    In that case, @BA9999 you are posting in the wrong section. Post it in the Mobile Games section.
  8. Ho3n3r

    F2 in Career Mode

    Will wait for 2020 then, when they will undoubtedly tout it as a "new feature" when in reality they would have half-arsed it less and you will be able to do a full F2 season at the start of your career, as it should've been. And this is what they worked on for "2 years"? It's an insult to their player base.
  9. Ho3n3r

    Nvidia GeForce Experience PC problem alert

    Agreed. I have never had a real use for it and always auto update/manual update over the existing installation. But I have seen some bad experiences solved by using it on other forums (Guru3D mostly).
  10. Ho3n3r

    Resource points

  11. Ho3n3r

    Nvidia GeForce Experience PC problem alert

    Just a heads-up to anyone finding this post for the first time: the issue was found during July 2015. It was fixed within a week.
  12. Ho3n3r

    Fictional F1 Team livery ( Tunisia )

    That looks amazing! How long did that take you?
  13. Ho3n3r

    F1 2019 Clip

    Agreed. 2019 clear as day on the banner.
  14. Ho3n3r

    F1 2019 Clip

    You should actually have your eyes tested. Not joking.
  15. Ho3n3r

    Tack scanning?

    But seriously, I agree. Some tracks are good enough that you don't really notice the difference (Suzuka, COTA), and then you get the bunch that you have to re-learn after playing it on other sims that have them laser scanned (Spa, Interlagos). I accept that it's insanely expensive, though. But Grand Prix 4 just used actual GPS data provided by the tracks themselves (in 2001/02!) and, back then, you could actually feel you're driving on an exceptionally accurate version of the track. It was way better than the Spa we have now in F1 2018, for example.