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  1. There was a devcheck for F1 2018 on June 20th. Are you expecting them to release a patch for that anytime soon as well?
  2. Ho3n3r

    F1 game research, your voice matters!

    First time I've uninstalled an F1 game before the actual F1 season ended - I know it came out earlier, but I still had F1 2018 installed in April this year, so 4 months longer than F1 2019. It's not that it's extremely buggy for me - I mean it has bugs, but I could live with it - but, if I could sum it up in a few words, it feels lifeless, stale, dull, boring. And that includes the FFB.
  3. You can actually increase the version number with a bug fix, unsure why you think that's so strange. A version number has never been tied exclusively to MOAR FEATURES.
  4. Ho3n3r


    Exactly. Just thought he needs an itroduction to the actual facts in case he's still roaming around. Another misconception people have, is that the wings are absolute, when they're relative. I.e. 11 at Monza is a lot skinnier than at Monaco.
  5. Ho3n3r


    You can have a hundred years worth of experience, that doesn't do anything to discount the fact that you do not understand the basic principles of aerodynamics. I will never claim to be any sort of expert, but the basics are pretty obvious. The less air underneath the car, the less the air pressure, inversely increasing the sucking power (ground effect). If you speed up air, what happens? Yes, less air pressure, thus more downforce. Thus, letting more air in under the car = aero disaster. Another way of creating faster airflow under a car, is creating a bigger outlet for it at the rear, and how do you do that? Yes, a bigger diffuser. Higher rake creates a similar effect, but only up to a point as making it 50CM high at the rear would simply let too much air enter from the sides. I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense - it's as obvious as one can put it.
  6. Ho3n3r

    How to limit driver transfer to off-season?

    I've read that you can change it at any time. Haven't confirmed it myself.
  7. Ho3n3r

    Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez Aero - Question

    Flat earther?
  8. Ho3n3r

    How to limit driver transfer to off-season?

    In the same place you find all the other settings for career mode.
  9. Ho3n3r

    Brake Bias MFD Precision

    Agreed. In Assetto Corsa, you can adjust it by 0.5%, and in rFactor 2 it's up to the mod, most use 0.25% increments. It should be 1% at the very most.
  10. Ho3n3r

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    In career mode, it doesn't come out. Between Aarava, Tom97 and Tiametmarduk, I've only seen the SC once in almost 200 episodes altogether. Not that I care about it, just pointing out what they are legitimately complaining about.
  11. Ho3n3r

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    They're not that easy to get by on difficulty above 106 if you drive normally. Obviously, if you're a divebomber, any AI will be easy to pass into the first corner. Besides, this probably slows them down off the line, not into the first corner, which is correct since the human can only match them or go slower, unlike previous games. It should really be more random though, some AI need to be able to get much slower getaways than others - it seems the variance is too low.
  12. Ho3n3r

    Obsolete upgrades R&D tree

    This. Also, it will work out a lot cheaper doing the most expensive ones first, in the long run.
  13. Ho3n3r

    Drs coming out of pit

    You still don't understand. The detection zone for Hungary is before the final corner. So, before they came into the pits, they were behind another car, which gave them DRS. When they came out of the pits, the car that gave them DRS, is 30 seconds ahead, but they don't lose their DRS they gained just before entering the pits.
  14. Ho3n3r

    Fix Suzuka Bump PLS

    Can't agree with that on 100KG fuel. There is just no way to take it reliably flat. Once you get to 70KG or so fuel, it seems more manageable, but before that it just randomly bottoms out and spears you out to the right, unless you run 10-10 ride height, which is not realistic as you just lose tons of downforce in the first 2 sectors.