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  1. Happened to me last night in Spain.
  2. Ya, it may only really affect t300 users. They are similar but the t500 is way more powerful. I do recall a few 500 users complaining so that's why I threw in that model as well. Before adding the tweaks listed in my OP, "hovercraft" would have been the best way to describe my wheels feedback. Literally hovering and conforming to the roads basic physical geometry with near 0 sensation of traction or turn in grip. Cattle guards bearly registered, the only thing I could feel was the weight of the car get light then heavy over bumps and a general idea of what the back end was doing through a corner. Driving IRL then sitting down to drive in game was weird, to say the least. Also, worn track topography does still seem lacking. I care more about gameplay/ffb than graphics. CM just isn't a AAA publisher that can dump tonnes on R&D for new proprietary visuals. Even though most racing games it's the visuals that are the main attractions. Racing games typically used to be tech showcases for cutting edge visuals. -But the age of VR (made for flight and racing games out of the box) will dampen that drive for super detailed graphics for the time being. Simply because there are minimal detail sizes that VR can't reproduce(yet) and the processing power required.
  3. Sound still cutting out, Cars have giant throttle deadzones and the throttle midpoint/sweet-spot is too easy to overshoot. PC.
  4. Snakeye5

    Bug - Sound Cut out

    Still happening post 1.2 updates...
  5. Snakeye5

    How to adjust throttle pedal responsiveness.

    The options menu input reporting shows my throttle working one to one but in car, my pedal gets to 1/3rd of the way before the car responds. Holding the throttle for takeoff is too difficult as the sweet spot is too narrow. ...And this is AFTER loading and saving device profiles and calibrating. In the calibration screen input testing, the readout is 1:1. Something else in the vehicle/game is code is offsetting the range. A linearity slider for pedal input would be helpful as well. A little vehicle specific deadzone is manageable but this is a bit much. It's like the whole range is squished upward for my cars. I'm using a standalone set of fanetic Clubsport v2 pedals(and a t300rs)- that read inverted by default it seems the inversion is detected by the approx rage out input is offset as evidenced by the Inverse icon in the input reporting screen in game. .
  6. After testing for a couple of weeks I can safely say this works. The ffb in 2.0 has a lot more realistic (not just a feeling of being glued to the road) feel. I play this game now 2x longer than I did when I fired up Rally 1 or D4. I feel bad for t300/500 console players who can't edit the files. I worry that "fixes" will break the now working jury-rigging too. Codemasters I hope someone is going through these guides and finding a commonality to be fixed. The lack of a direct submission process for technical issues on your website means I have to hope this forum post gests noticed...
  7. If you feel like the vehicle is throwing your arm around instead of you controlling the vehicle, dial "suspension" down to ~85%
  8. It's simple, the only aspect of FFB coming through our wheels is from the suspension geometry. I CAN feel the back-end move when going through corners I CAN feel the car get light and heavy over jumps. (don't change this aspect as its one thing that CM does well). I CAN'T feel the tires on the gravel, the cattle crossings bearly register, the sensations of any surface (vibration or noise) through the steering column (this was present in dirt rally so I don't understand why it's absent). I CAN'T tell if my car is moving via feel until I actually hit a physical change in the road elevation (small rises or road divets.) any sensation of grip or traction "grabbing" is absent.
  9. Snakeye5

    Bug - Sound Cut out

    I have had the same problem. Sound for the game completely cuts off and when I press buttons on my wheel I hear a loud popping.
  10. Snakeye5

    Bug - Sound Cut out

    I have had the same problem. Sound for the game completely cuts off and when I press buttons on my wheel I hear a loud popping.