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  1. They would sell more games/headsets and wheels if I could stream my view on Steam. It's bad enough it took 9 moths to be playable in vr after release on top of the delay of implementing VR in the first place. Codemasters is becoming synonymous with half-assed. Likely the reason they are listed as a holding company as of winter 2019.
  2. Why is the mirroring of VR view on monitors for streaming playback so bad. Workarounds exist but are not compatible in many situations especially for Steam. If someone sees my broadcast on the steam store for this games page, its likely to hinder sales, as it shows a certain neglect on fixing a basic issue. Conversely I think if friends and potential buyers see someone playing live it will motivate a purchase.
  3. Snakeye5

    VR FAQ & Performance

    Getting personal with a forum mod, brilliant... Like yelling at a store clerk who just runs the register for the pricing. I blame Impetulant childish behavior like this for the reason it takes so long to get through to the developers. No wonder it seems like so many complaints are ignored and why the back and forth feedback for specific issues has trailed off.
  4. softlock is working with my t300, pc. I feel it kick in once I hit the limit of the cars rotational lock, makes an intense hum.
  5. Snakeye5

    Share Your Wheel Settings Here

    Driving Force GT Logi 360 deg Overall FX 101% Spring Effect 100% Dampen 0% Center Spring 5% Use special game settings un-check allow game to change wheel settings. In Game Vibration strength 20% Wheel Strength 40% Wheel Weight 60%
  6. First thanks you so much for implementing cockpit views once again, i now have another title to use my track ir with. Only one small problem... when in game im unable to use my keyboard hot keys for pausing or re-centering my Tir, so i get stuck staring through the roof of my car. I would use tir and a map to my logitech dfgt but every time i unplug and plug in the wheel(daily-i use a Flight HOTAS  and Razer orbweaver for arma/flightsims) i have to remap it every time i plug in the wheel or tir will not read the input unless its at a screen like entering the name. Pressing esc will not bring up pause in race if its been remaped and the combo ctrl+alt+\ wont re-center my tir. Also i would like to seee better support for piecemeal controller  setups. My Driving force GT wheel is awesome, had it 4 years now but the petals were crap. recently i started using my pro flight rudder pedals with the racing chocks in and its so much better responsiveness and range. but in grid 2 id constantly have my wheel stop responding. Not cool...  I think just a little refinemant in how inputs are used will resolve this. Also it would be nice to havea system for loading and archiving coustom control profiles and reloading them to anotehr game like the next dirt. No body does this better than eagle dynamics and the DS world series along with the ability to define modifier buttons. (This is a standard id like to see in many games not just cm titles). If cm just wants to focus on racing then refining these often overlooked features will  make the series contunue to stand out.