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    DiRT Rally 2.0: VR FAQ & Performance Guide

    Getting personal with a forum mod, brilliant... Like yelling at a store clerk who just runs the register for the pricing. I blame Impetulant childish behavior like this for the reason it takes so long to get through to the developers. No wonder it seems like so many complaints are ignored and why the back and forth feedback for specific issues has trailed off.
  2. Communication breakdown... Notes for latest steam patch?
  3. Snakeye5

    New ffb impressions

    PSA: after the FFB update, Re-calibrate (or even reload your wheel preset) in game. Was getting strange SAT falloff in corners sharper than 90 deg.
  4. In Codemasters games "daedzone" & "saturation" is the physical range of motion for whatever device. Its been this way since the old TOCCA racing games. These are used for old or damaged wheels or pedals that do not have full range anymore. Deadzone |--------Range------| Saturation By reducing it you make your steering more twitchy. Especially in rally, you want more granularity for steering input. I use them on my clutch to shorten the throw required for actuation making it more button like to save time.
  5. Bump, bump, bump That's the sound of the fifteens while they're hitting in my trunk...
  6. (Oh ya! that's dope Grammer there...) L/R +/- could be reversed and more intricate in their function but it is sort of irrelevant.
  7. In my experence, the two settings S.A.T. and Wheel Damping are dependent on one another. Has anyone else tried this, more importantly, has Codemasters seen this?
  8. S.A.T. ~30% Wheel Friction ~30% Tire friction ~125% Suspension ~140% Collision ~125% softlock 100% softlock on center steering on center steering ~50% *I set my wheel friction close to whatever self-aligning torque needs to be. 0 linearity & deadzone 100 saturation default driver settings in the Thrustmaster driver panel including spring and damper
  9. Dirt 4 lets you develop bad habits and lowers skill for Dirt Rally(1&2) such as allowing acceleration through 2 &3 corners when you should be breaking.
  10. softlock is working with my t300, pc. I feel it kick in once I hit the limit of the cars rotational lock, makes an intense hum.
  11. Snakeye5

    How Far Away Is Realistic Audio?

    This was also the case in the last game(s?) I remember the sound in some cars would get "better" after knocking a door off. A definite drawback to using the driver's view.
  12. Snakeye5

    Soft Lock

    Soft-Lock ON, 900 deg in the driver since Dirt Rally (one). Forced me to break out the add-on shifter as the wheel position was not conducive to flappy paddles. I feel the older cars with wider locks especially RWD ones need the finer granularity afforded by the wider locks. However, I still have a tricky time getting used to different ones when I switch cars.
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    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    no images, i didn't even those huge gaps in, I did get a little impatient while waiting for these forums that are slower than molasses to post and did click submit a second time... but why can't I edit it after the fact... Also, I had a friend try my suggested setting with her G27 last night. Only she had 60 SAT and Wheel Friction (probably because the Logitech wheel has more electrical resistance) and liked it. Summary: turn down SAT. Make wheel friction near equal to self-aligning torque. Then punch up tire friction and suspension so they are not drowned out by SAT.
  14. Snakeye5

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    updated settings, any t300 users try this yet? yes its loose at the center but the sat gets STRONG and its a lot less NUMB
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    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

  16. Snakeye5

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    .XML edit ffb=2 -Wheel Driver- Overall Strength = 75 Constant = 100 Periodic = 100 Spring = 100 Damper = 100 auto center "by game" -Advanced Settings- Steering Linearity = 0 Steering Deadzone = 0 Steering Saturation = 100 -...(separate fanatic pedals are used so I have not included throttle brake and clutch) Soft Lock On -Vibration & Feedback- Vibration & Feedback On Self Aligning Torque (SAT) = 28 Wheel Friction = 28 Tire Friction = 125 Suspension = 125 Collision = 80 SoftLock On Steering Center Force Enabled On Steering Center Force = 50 Exactly, it's more like a simple graphic EQ on a sound system that emphasizes certain ranges of the signal. and for consistency between games, I try not to change the TM control panel much, the reason those settings in the control panel are sliders is the fact that motor output decreases over time as they age, especially if they are overpowered a lot. once that happens it's necessary to customize the driver settings.
  17. Snakeye5

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    I thought so too but after setting friction to the same value as SAT, I can vaguely feel road ruts and gravel vibration. That has not been my experience in dirt rally one, dirt 4 or this game. In grid 2 and previous codemaster games, I do believe it did work that way(as you suggest) but those games took wheel input and then emulated gamepad stick input. I remember P. Coleman touting actual 900deg support for dirt rally along with the f1 that came out that year. Spring and Damper seems to attenuate and add granularity to the signal, and yes I saw several drivers doing this @racedepartmet for AC and project cars1&2 but I also had a very fast friend once tell me the best way to race (in grid2) with your 300 dollar wheel is to turn ffb completely off... some aliens/savants/anoraks don't need any effects to be fast but that's not why I play the dirt series. I have a hard time thinking a legacy setting as you might describe it would be enabled as a default by the wheel manufacturer.
  18. Snakeye5

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    Except he also gets confused about the purpose of his wheel's driver settings. He turns off Spring and Damper in the TM driver. I did the same cause I saw him do it on one of his youtube videos. In retrospect, I think he and other sim drivers believe its an additional effect channel, (like rumble or something) but it really helps complete the basic ffb SAT. Without Spring and Damper, I can't feel the tires over or understeer. Likewise, I have severely misunderstood the purpose of wheel friction, because after setting it to the same number as SAT I got a lot more detail (not clipping) from tires and suspension. It still feels nowhere near what my small pickup feels like when driving down a gravel road in real life as far as bumps and road rutts are concerned, but there is a hint of them which is way more than what I had when SAT was the only thing I could feel. Now when the back-end of the escort mk2 kicks out it doesn't throw my arm with it. I'm able to tell the car where to go while still feeling where it is going, how much traction I have under trail breaking or if the rear wheel is breaking away under acceleration out of a corner.
  19. Snakeye5

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    tire or wheel friction?
  20. Snakeye5

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    Did a bunch of a/b testing yesterday turning off all sliders and adding each slider independently. Suspension and Tire friction signals appear to be way underpowered for my t300. I've changed my ffb=5 xml edit down ffb=2 with SAT at approx 45% I noticed with all sliders off@ 0% I still felt some weird force through the corners... Tire friction and Suspension are underpowered by a factor of 2 or 3 at 135-150% I actually start to feel some bumps and road ruts. When I had the ffb=5 setting in the xml edit, the SAT would completely drown out these other signals. by 2x-ing the ffb= it seems to amplify smaller peaks and valleys of the signal. Of course, this raises the already prominent SAT signals inducing clipping which is why SAT must be turned down. This has the effect of "stretching" the signal waveform to fit the range of the wheel's output.
  21. PC-T300rs edited xml file to ffb=5 (pre-amps the signal. Signal peaks and valleys get bigger) default driver settings (75, 100, 100, 100, 100) (tried with damper/spring at 0 but I have more intuition with them at 100. (so subtle I can't articulate how or why.) Codemasters own test driver mistakes this for tire-slip and engine fx. These siders don't add effects. They fine-tune the wheels movement.) in-game (i think of this like a stereo Graphic EQ. Meaning signals occupying the same frequency range can cancel one another out.) S.A.T. 28% (brings peaks and valleys back to the midrange, but road noise/gravel vibration is completely lost) wheelfric 05% (adds electromagnetic drag and turning resistance, slows rate wheel returns to center) TyreFric 50% (too high and other details are drowned out) Suspension 85% Collision 80% (cattle grids might rip your arm off otherwise)
  22. Snakeye5

    Do you want the FFB fixed?

    Can you feel the back-end get heavy as you go over the general road shape? that's exactly like mine felt before I was able to tweak my ffb settings. Hovercraft was the best way to describe it.
  23. Snakeye5

    Do you want the FFB fixed?

    With my Thrustmaster T300rs(driver @ default) I can't feel the specific road ruts, but everything you describe I get AFTER I edit the games XML file to ffb=5 and put : self-aligning torque at 28% wheel fric 5% tire fric 50% suspension 100% collision 80% T300rs driver @ default
  24. Snakeye5

    Do you want the FFB fixed?

    It has not functioned this way for dirt 4 or dirt rally one. All it does is re-center the wheel when you don't have it centered at the race start or when you reset your car back to the track. It sounds like you have self-aligning torque turned up too high. Should only be stiff at the center during low speeds (It should also be stiff while stopped@starting but this has never been implemented, feedback starts once the vehicle starts moving from the start line.)