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  1. The Xbox experience in particular sounds pretty horrible, but I can only speak for the PC version of GAS - and that remains a very playable, enjoyable game with few problems.
  2. Perhaps you could have one Online Playlist specially for owners of the Touring Car dlc (and any future DLC with tracks) which played through the 8(?) available routes through the 2 new tracks with the new cars.
  3. I think it would help if the technical assistance forum was split for obvious reasons but see no need in the general discussion.
  4. The racism issues aside I think it's one thing to kick vote a player for intentionally acting like a dick and crashing into people and another to kick vote for someone who is just not quite as good as you on the brakes and puts in the occasional crash. The latter is pretty poor and intolerant behaviour (by the kick voter). If you want that kind of game stay in the custom cups where you can play to your own rules rather than imposing them on an open room.
  5. I forget the details but there was in incident in Formula One many years ago where a driver crashed their car on purpose around a final corner to get a faster qualifying time. Is that cheating? Seems on the same level as wall-riding. I don't see it as cheating since it's part of the game and not something like a hack where the player has to do something to enable the advantage. Not that it matters to me, if I gained a second a lap I'd reach the heady heights of 7:17.
  6. Do upgrades work or not? I was under the impression that if you bought any tuning then they didn't. It seems that way from my limited experience using an untuned lv50 car. (PC)
  7. Sorry for my stupidity above, I thought I'd seen it in game but clearly hadn't. Won't be the last time I talk a load of rubbish I'm sure.
  8. You'll note the extraordinary generosity of CM doesn't quite stretch to allowing the Boost pack to give you 50% of all the cash/XP you earn, but just the small amount of basic rewards.
  9. It's labelled the Intel Challenge on the PC, I'm in the UK if that changes things.
  10. Sony gave it the ok, but the bug that MS found would also be in the Sony code so Codemasters put a pause on both to put a new fix for that in. @Loore‌ said that - sorry I didn't make a note of the thread.  I'm guessing that 3rd party developers don't get the same speed of service as the in-house guys do with either brand.
  11. The PC arms race has slowed down recently, at least where it matters for games in the CPU and GPU - no big new processor families or die size changes in a while. That's what led me back to the platform as something to game on, as effectively all I needed was a 200 quid graphics card to turn my PC into a gaming rig. This was handy as I found both new consoles to be pretty uninspiring - particularly the increasing limitations they both put on media playback but also the games available and coming out. Wish GTA V would come out on the PC quicker though, missing my daily carnage.
  12. A couple of nights ago two of my owned cars were reset to level 1, but kept their updates etc. This happened while playing multiplayer. I haven't seen this reported before so thought I should mention it.
  13. You only get more cash for each 10% range you go up. Might be different in the top 10%.
  14. Any tips for this one? I've been round it hundreds of times now and can't get Platinum, though I am only a couple of tenths off. Yet from the leader-board there's plenty of times 5-6 seconds faster than me. I'm in a fully spec'd car, though not sure about the right settings and the only helpers I have on are Automatic gears and ABS. I should probably add that this is not a convoluted cheat accusation thread; there are far too many people ahead of me for that to be a possibility. I know I'm pretty rubbish but I'd genuinely like some tips or even a video of a sub 2:10 time if anyone has one.
  15. Pulling a Xbox drive off the side isn't the big operation it is on a PS3 (or indeed PC).
  16. The problem with anti-cheat technology is that you simply start an arms war between cheat programmers and anti-cheat programmers - particularly on an open platform like the PC. There is of course room for sensible precautions but beyond a certain point it's a case of diminishing returns. My advice is just to go for your own times and try to get better - people who cheat are the real losers as they gain nothing. How this is going to work out over the next two weeks where the Intel Challenge does win real-world prizes should be interesting.
  17. The game save corruption is a deal breaker and should have been rush patched on consoles like it was on PC. But other than that the patch list is no better or worse than that for any other game I've played. And the forums for those games are just the same: claiming it's the worst most broken terrible game in the world. They can't all be.
  18. Washington Hill circuit with the Lancia? Ha, nightmare.
  19. Do remember that some people may be getting these scores due to bugs rather than deliberate cheating. Not saying that's the case here but you never know.
  20. And to add insult to injury it's not available as part of the rather expensive Season Pass. CM really do seem to be taking their pointers from EA. I wonder when they'll learn that what they lose in good will is worth far more than the few quid they make from these kinds of shady marketing tactics?
  21. It is worth remembering that these surprising results may be bugs rather than people exploiting, also true of the Racenet challenges. Hopefully CM will continue to monitor things and take action where necessary.  I was once seventh in an Endurance race and was given 1st place for some reason - possibly because I crossed the lap line just as the timer ran out. Consequently I have an average speed of 183MPH - I assume that's what caused it.
  22. Excellent news, very welcome. Particularly looking forward to Donington.
  23. Is the Party challenge for the superhuman? I can only pass a single car if it crashes ahead of me.
  24. The only massive problem is the corrupt saves (thankfully that's never hit me) - that should have been given priority and a rush patch on consoles (the fix seemed to be out reasonably quickly on PC). That's the one area where I think CM really dropped the ball - though I don't know the financials behind rush patches on the consoles and maybe it was impossible.  Apart from that I see no game-destroying bugs, or many bugs at all. The cash repairs are well out of balance and need addressing but as long as that happens reasonably quickly I don't see the problem.  I enjoy the game a lot a
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