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  1. He will replace Max. The game will not kick you out of the team you are already signed to.
  2. My guess would be that Red Bull were actively involved in wanting this livery in the game - Red Bull probably made this happen, not Codemasters/EA. I’m sure Codies would love to put all the liveries in and give fans what they want, after all making great games is their passion. But without the team’s express approval and co-operation in making this happen it’s unlikely to happen. Codies can’t just do what they want.
  3. They are teasing it, the last 4 posts have had letters in Italics. P O R T
  4. It looks like Codies are teasing Portugal on social media. Look at the P and O in these tweets. If tomorrow’s tweet is is R i think we can confirm Portugal announcement is coming soon in 6-7 days.
  5. Hockenheim is not on the calendar this year so is also not in the game.
  6. Can confirm that other people in the lobby can see Carlos Sainz as the affected player’s avatar. Here is how my friend appears from my side.
  7. This is by design. Codemasters designed the game with a 23 race season in mind, when the 3 tracks are added the ‘20 races’ option will change to ‘23 races’. China was not on this calendar so has been added as an extra bonus track from Season 2 onwards of career mode, if you opt for China then you need to replace another circuit. It will not be possible to do a 24 race season due to the fact that it’s more races than there are in the real season and therefor past the limit set by the devs. Regarding it staying at 20 races, i think you have misread this. You will be able to drive
  8. Wow, some of these comments have just completely missed the point OP was trying to make.
  9. Wow that’s a pretty drastic course of action! This issue is present on console too. Even other people in the lobby can see the affected player dorning Sainz’ avatar and driver number. Any advice for console players who can’t reinstall Windows?
  10. @THEFLYINGG0AT this is the issue you are having is it not?
  11. I can’t believe this is still not a feature! Watching aarava’s Youtube series and he had his race absolutely ruined because he couldn’t unlap himslef, meaning he spent the entire end of the race under blue flags.
  12. You could try taking two photos, with the logo in different positions, then copy the area without the logo from one photo then paste it over the logo on the second picture.
  13. I also have yet to receive my loyalty bonus however my friend who bought the same edition on the same platform has gotten his?
  14. Is it wrong that I actually dig this!? Reminds me of some of the original HASS concepts that surfaced in 2015.
  15. With the continuation of MyTeam this year let’s carry forwards the Post Your Car megathread! Looking forwards to seeing everyone’s fantastic designs this year, I’ll start! Season 1: Following a successful buyout of Shark AC-Sport towards the end of 2020, BMW make a return to the sport. Team Name: BMW Slingshot Engine: Mercedes Teammate: Jack Aitken
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