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  1. @THEFLYINGG0AT this is the issue you are having is it not?
  2. I can’t believe this is still not a feature! Watching aarava’s Youtube series and he had his race absolutely ruined because he couldn’t unlap himslef, meaning he spent the entire end of the race under blue flags.
  3. You could try taking two photos, with the logo in different positions, then copy the area without the logo from one photo then paste it over the logo on the second picture.
  4. I also have yet to receive my loyalty bonus however my friend who bought the same edition on the same platform has gotten his?
  5. Is it wrong that I actually dig this!? Reminds me of some of the original HASS concepts that surfaced in 2015.
  6. With the continuation of MyTeam this year let’s carry forwards the Post Your Car megathread! Looking forwards to seeing everyone’s fantastic designs this year, I’ll start! Season 1: Following a successful buyout of Shark AC-Sport towards the end of 2020, BMW make a return to the sport. Team Name: BMW Slingshot Engine: Mercedes Teammate: Jack Aitken
  7. I would certainly be interested in seeing this lap of yours that’s 4 seconds faster than pole time. That would make it around a 1:24.9 which would easily put you in the top 0.1% on the current Bahrain time trial leaderboard. The top lap time at the moment is a 1:24.3
  8. We’d need to have a look at what car your driving, what assists you are using and what mode you are in etc. It’s been the case for many years that it’s possible to beat the real life lap times by some margin simply due to the fact the track limits are far more lenient and we are much more able to fully commit in a video game.
  9. Literally came here to suggest the same thing. The cars are already in the game I say let them be used elsewhere. Would be great for leagues to evolve from F1 2020 to F1 2021 over 2 seasons.
  10. This year’s cars in real life have a chunk of downforce removed due to the way the new floors are designed. Whilst this slows the cars down on fast/medium corners this also actually INCREASES speed on the straights. I’d say the game has got it spot on.
  11. It’s pinned to the top of the forum dude. It’s to bring it up to date with the Steam version.
  12. I have noticed my Xbox Series X is getting very hot playing Braking Point. I’ve never seen this happen before on any other game, it does only seem to be Braking Point that causes this. I wonder if the engine is trying to render something during cutscenes?
  13. I personally am thoroughly enjoying the story and am glad codies took the time to give us this labour of love. It may not be everybody’s cup of tea but I want to put out a positive voice in the face of all the negativity. Great work Codemasters!
  14. A detailed description of the issue. Equal performance is stuck on two-player career mode, when on standard and expert modes. Platform? Xbox Series X Game-mode? Contracts - two player career [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in your session here. 2 players. AdamComer THEFLYINGG0AT [ONLINE] Were you the host? Yes What troubleshooting have you tried? Please lis
  15. Yes, look in the telemetry settings
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