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  1. Prawn01

    The PC Thread

    Hey chaps, so this is my current setup: CPU: Intel Core i5 3570k ( no oc ), cooled by a Hyper212 Evo Turbo GPU: Msi R7950 3GB Twin Frozer 3 Mobo: Gigabyte z77 d3h Ram: (2x4gb) Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz Hdd: 1x 500gb Seagate , 1x Adata 120gb ssd, 2TB Seagate Psu: Corsair TX750m Case: Coolermaster Storm Scout I run games at 1080p/60Hz. I wondering if maybe a GTX960 would be a decent upgrade from my current GPU once it officially releases?  Computer parts are still quite expensive in my corner of the world unfortunately. Although my 7950 is running games quite alright, I would like something with a little more oomph so I can start turning the settings up a bit.
  2. Prawn01

    The Game Thread!

    Well I know I'm kinda late to the party with this but I only recently picked GTA V on the Xbox 360. I must say, I'm quite enjoying the game despite the 360 showing its age in terms of graphics and frame rate. Been a long while since I played with any console controller so I'm quite rubbish with the analogs, this shows well in my driving ability in the game :pensive:   Really looking forward to the PC release of the game though. Just hope Rockstar don't make a hash of the PC port like they did with GTA IV. Even after all those patches, it still ran terribly, at least for me it did.
  3. Prawn01

    The weather thread

    Turning to summer here. Getting quite hot
  4. I apologize if it's been posted already. I've been off the forums for a while.
  5. Prawn01

    Preloaded and ready to go...

    Starting my preload on Steam now :)
  6. Prawn01

    What was your last purchase

    *not my pic, but you get the idea :p
  7. This is Adelaide's legendary street circuit: http://www.allf1.info/tracks/adelaide.jpg The pic you have is a picture of Hamilton Street Circuit in New Zealand which used to be used for the V8 Supercars :) Sorry, didn't realize that. Thanks
  8. Prawn01


    I would like the 'meep meep' horn from Herbie.
  9. Prawn01

    The .gif Thread

  10. Prawn01

    What was your last purchase

    and... Like to treat myself once a week :)
  11. Prawn01

    The .gif Thread

  12. Prawn01

    Dirt 3 GFWL

    Nothing new I'm afraid.
  13. Prawn01

    The .gif Thread