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  1. Sorry, should have said I'm comparing to original PS4 (i never owned a pro). Having had time to compare one after the other, it looks hugely better on the PS5!
  2. I don't usually get digital versions of games, but so glad I did for F1 2020 (mainly due to lockdown situation) when i got it shortly after release for PS4. I ocassionally play split screen with it with a T300RS and G29, but thought i'd try 2 player across LAN (my wife on PS4 with G29 and projector in one room and me on PS5 and 4k 55 inch TV). It worked like a dream! So easy to set up. I only have an original PS4 and now having compared back to back, playing on PS5 is vastly superior in looks and smoothness. Having skipped PS4 Pro, I really appreciate the next gen jump!
  3. I can confirm saves carry over from PS4 to PS5. Not had a chance to play it much, but does also appear to look better on PS5.
  4. everyone starts on yellow.  You're not being singled out!
  5. They'll never top having Queens of the Stone Age for the intro music in Grid 1
  6. I had been on green or white rating online since getting the game and always racing fairly, along with everyone else I've raced against, but today I was just passing someone to take 2nd approaching the finish line on the main straight when they turned forcefully into the back of me to stop me passing and spun me around. That's the first time anyone has rattled my cage on here, so naturally sought revenge on the following races, ploughing into them at every corner I could. Naturally I came off worse, losing all tyres in the process and ending up with an orange rating after 3 races. Although I a
  7. I can also confirm that upgrades are not unlocked when you replace an owned car with a new one of the same model. Sold my level 36 Crude and bought a new one. That one was level 1 again and all upgrades locked out
  8. The red/yellow/green/white impact ratings could be seen as the level of insurance cover you get.  Cleaner drivers will get a better deal and fork out less.
  9. Agree with Hola there. I've had clean races and get the same bill every time. Makes no sense whatsoever. Loving the rest of online, it's just the repair bills that needs modifying
  10. PS3 is starting to get lively. Had about 4 hours of 10-12 player cat C touring car custom cup events yesterday.
  11. I read in an earlier thread that the cost of repairs went up as the car got older. It was getting to the point where racing with it was losing me money and eventually only wins may be enough to make a profit! As someone also mentioned no upgrades would be lost and that I could just apply them to the new car, I thought I might as well try and replace it. Sadly, the new car started at level 1 with no upgrades available. Just a heads up to everyone else really!
  12. Well, I bought the Chevy Cruze and was racing with it unaware that it needed repairing. A race started and the orange warning light appeared on the engine indicator. Cost me over 70,000 to repair the lot! Hadn't noticed my car getting worse before then, so maybe it was psychological that the next time I let the damage accumulate my lap times were so far behind the leaders, I couldn't understand where I was losing time. I noticed the cost of the repairs had gone up to the point that I was losing money each event if I wasn't in the top 3 each time. I thought this must have meant my car was getti
  13. i think the cash hit is probably a better way of putting rammers off... er..ramming than not having it.  Think clean racers will benefit overall in the long term.  That cash hit isn't too bad, especially if you get a high finishing position.  A few decent bumps only cost 1000 credits to repair, so you'll still end each race with a profit.  Even after i got mangled, lost 2 wheels and finished last, the bill was 3000 and i still ended up with profit!
  14. i've found the online racing very fair so far.  You obviously get the odd nudge and first corner collisions, but nothing nearly as bad as on Grid 2.  It's a lot easier to avoid crashes on this game, something which wasn't the case on Grid 2 with all the drifting with every car.  Looking forward to more racers joining in online tonight now the game is available worldwide
  15. Once you get enough in game cash you can start buying cars in each category.  I know Cat c Touring cars are 100,000 Credits to buy new.  Then you can start modifying your owned car after that
  16. Maybe a reasonable solution to this would be to include an option in career mode whereby you can choose if reverse layouts are included or not?  Similar to football games where you can choose if retired players can come back as young players in a career mode.  Allowing the player to tailor the game to their suiting means everyones a winner...except the developers who have to put in the extra work to programme that option of course.
  17. Grid Autosport, after about 5 hours of playing it last night is even better than Grid 1 already... or at least will be if we get enough Touring Car Category C custom cups appearing online!  Great to have the classic circuits back from Grid 1 (a return for Nurburgring would be very welcome!) and racing against the AI is a real challenge now even on Medium (only based on the start of the career mode).  I used to play Istanbul Park 3-Lap race on Grid 1 on Very Hard and would give the AI a 10 second head start.  I'd always still win... even taking the lead after lap 2!  That's
  18. Just finished playing online (PS3) after 4 hours on the touring car playlist and have got to say the Grid magic is back. I don't remember playing one fun race online on Grid 2, but Grid Autosport has delivered. I wish this had been the sequel to the original. Most racers online have been fair. Most races are bumper to bumper through the field. Handling is excellent which makes for cleaner overtaking. Just hope that some of the Grid fans Codemasters lost with the last game will come back and try this, as I want to see plenty of Cat C Touring Car custom cups to join like in Grid 1. Couldn't fin
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