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  1. same problem only on weekend events. seems like my safety rating has something to do with it. Im S class. only get in sometimes. My buddy is C class, alwasy gets in a lobby
  2. SO this has happened a couple of times now. During teh weekend event i try to join a race around 9 pm chicago time which is the 2nd to last race available. and i wait for a lobby and Nm14 shows up and crashes my game. I tried today at 4pm and got the same error. meanwhile my buddy who is C class safety rating is in a 20 man lobby. IM S class safety and im being robbed up playing it seems like cuz there isnt not enough S class to make a lobby. Same goes for ranked. Why am i being robbed of race time beacuse im a safer racer? THE ONLY TIME this works is saturday eveneing or the first race on sunday. Its CRAZY. Robbing me of race time. Any one else notice this? . JUST PUT ME IN ANY LOBBY RANKED OR EVENT MODE. PLEASEEE! i can avoid the unsafe guys idc. i just wanna race i am sad now