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  1. Hello, to get the Steam achievement "It's show time" you simply need to complete an event. Unfortunately this is not possible anymore since Codemasters stopped doing online events for F1 2018. I see that both the Xbox and the PlayStation versions don't have this achievement/trophy. Is it too much to ask Codemasters to remove this broken achievement from Steam, or maybe do some events again to let players get this? Thanks
  2. @ChristinaMc Why are you using the lowest graphical settings for the Dirt Rally screenshots in the blog comparative? If you really want to compare the two games, at least use the same settings...
  3. Changelog and Steam Workshop now live! http://steamcommunity.com/games/310560/announcements/detail/42019920493957545
  4. I think I've found something ;) (well, I took 30 minutes to write this post, lol): https://twitter.com/ilchiodi/status/662758496400769025 I started searching for the 3 wrc cars that aren't in the game for now. I found out that it couldn't be the DS3 WRC or the Polo WRC There was only one car left: the i20. The shape of the black panel under the window loocked pretty similar to the one in the photo posted by Paul: But the most important photo is this: I'm not an expert on suspension but it really looks like it's the same as the one posted by Paul There's even the same blue st
  5. Hey Codemasters, you'll be in trouble if @G37L057 see this... It's taken from the survey that Codemasters posted today: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ZSQ2NH2
  6. Finally some rallycross on snow like in DiRT 3! Btw, am I the only one that wants the FIA WRX to add a snow and asphalt round in its calendar?
  7. Isn't the q in "quattro" written in lowercase?
  8. Have I been a bit too optimistic in my gossip? :(
  9. https://twitter.com/Kick_Up/status/653494997187227648 Not the Lancer Evo 6 but other Lancer? Or some other kind of Evo (like Audi Sport quattro E(volution)2)? https://twitter.com/Kick_Up/status/653494272826712064 New class with Ford Focus '07 and maybe this?
  10. https://instagram.com/p/57jNpmnF7V/
  11. Yeah, I found out that the detail in Paul's post was of a Focus thanks to the "EZ" of PEREZ and these photos from September 25th 2014:
  12. Ford Focus RS WRC '07 http://ewrc-results.com/carinfo.php?cid=32&car=701 '08 and '09 Focus have the facelifted front: '08: http://www.ewrc.cz/ewrc/image_browse.php?id=25135&entry=21193 '09: http://www.ewrc.cz/ewrc/image_browse.php?id=33689&entry=32828
  13. https://twitter.com/lasercannonmike/status/652458892845314049 https://twitter.com/Kick_Up/status/652463807776825346 That's clearly the front bumper of this:
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