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  1. Hello,

    to get the Steam achievement "It's show time" you simply need to complete an event. Unfortunately this is not possible anymore since Codemasters stopped doing online events for F1 2018.

    I see that both the Xbox and the PlayStation versions don't have this achievement/trophy.

    Is it too much to ask Codemasters to remove this broken achievement from Steam, or maybe do some events again to let players get this?


  2. Also, someone Google-foo the crap outta this please :)
    I tried for a while, but i'm not great at this, and in all honesty, i suddenly wondered if it was an 'out there' image, like the clue for the '07 Focus, or if it was one taken by the CM team.


    I think I've found something ;)
    (well, I took 30 minutes to write this post, lol):


    I started searching for the 3 wrc cars that aren't in the game for now.
    I found out that it couldn't be the DS3 WRC

    or the Polo WRC

    There was only one car left: the i20.

    The shape of the black panel under the window loocked pretty similar to the one in the photo posted by Paul:

    But the most important photo is this:

    I'm not an expert on suspension but it really looks like it's the same as the one posted by Paul

    There's even the same blue sticker!

    You can see it very well in this video:


    Hyundai i20 confirmed!
  3. BrySkye said:
    Funnily enough, the Audi Quattro is also a bit of a confusing one, but not as much as the Impreza.
    Basically you have the Quattro S1 and the Quattro E2. 
    There's no such thing as the Quattro S1 E2.
    Really, the S1 should have been called the E1.

    John Davenport wrote up a piece about it that's readable here
    Isn't the q in "quattro" written in lowercase?
  4. https://twitter.com/Kick_Up/status/653494997187227648

    Not the Lancer Evo 6 but other Lancer? Or some other kind of Evo (like Audi Sport quattro E(volution)2)?


    New class with Ford Focus '07 and maybe this?
  5. Everyone seemed to forget that there were photos over a year ago of codemasters recording sounds from this car!

    Yeah, I found out that the detail in Paul's post was of a Focus thanks to the "EZ" of PEREZ and these photos from September 25th 2014:

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