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  1. Thanks for the heads up.  I've been reading the threads and get the impression there are a lot of bugs.  This is a shame, because I can honestly say GRID Autosport has the best AI I have ever experienced in a racing game, and I totally dig the handling on the pad, and how XP and cash is handled.  There are a lot of positives about this game.  Sadly, it's impossible to recommend in its current state!  What's going on in Southam? Do they need better Beta Testers?  Is the community not giving enough constructive feedback for them to filter the important information
  2. Is anybody else having this issue?  It seems odd if nobody else is, because I just tried racing the Utes today and it happened again.  Can anybody complete the Ute racenet challenge on PS3 without it freezing? 
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqyIO21oeFI  Here is a video of the game freezing.  Thanks.
  4. More Details ---  I tried the street challenge today works just fine.  Went back to Utes and still a problem.  I bought a custom holden and think maybe that's the problem why it keeps freezing.  I'm trying to a get youtube video up of the issue but they suffering from inefficiencies today also.  Edit more info -- it seems to be able to save my time on the leaderboards  after I reboot my PS3, but I'm not receiving any of the cash or XP bonuses.  I really want to level up my Ute!
  5. I can't complete a racenet challenge on PS3 in the super utes touring.  When I complete it, it gives me XP tries to load the next screen then freezes.  Why are there so many problems with this game?!
  6. I have no been able to find a game yet either =[ .  I've been able to "Quick Join" but the lobbies it hooks me up with are already in the middle of an event.  I waited one out but the event ended and lobby was terminated.  Is there just not enough people plaything this?  I'm sad.
  7. 2:02 for Bronze is way too difficult.  I golded all the other other categories and could see me platinuming with practiced, but I think the requirements for Detroit are off. MAYBE i could do it with no AI on the course.  And while I'm on topic, CMs needs to include the difficulty options within the racenet events so we don't have to keep drilling all the way out to turn on the racing line for example. And make it so I can restart the event afterwards without forgoing lost XP and cash instead of continuing and going through all the menus.  I haven't been able to play a game onlin
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