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    Autosport Career Mode Vs Online

    "ultimate racing game of it's generation". You need to branch out man. Assetto was on sale this week, shoulda grabbed it, that's probably the best racer around right now. But I do like GRID AS for what it could offer, but sadly, i think we just got lucky with GRID1. I've had two gaming moments where things just felt amazing like that, where you had friends and it was all built around a game, community, etc, and that's Counter-strike and GRID1. I've tried every sim out there since, and CS:GO, and none have that same feeling. Maybe we are just too old :) We are the new gooner and erasmus, lol.
  2. Well, I guess the reason PC users like to have text chat is because they actually have that thing in front of them. Oh what's it called, a keybutt? Keyballs? Keyboard, that's it. Do you really enjoy talking with people online when you don't really know them, or they sound like total idiots when they speak? Text chat is much easier to get along with, especially as the quality of said keyboard, with boost on, music in background, two rampant babies fighting a chiwawa doesn't affect whether i'll have hearing left when it hit iEra's maturity. Where is that dude these days?
  3. he-he, i was trying to sound less addicted, as i was one of those racing till the end. Tis mergano / duvel. Another to add to the list: They added a solid version of derby back, but i don't think car damage happens like in grid1 (where you build up the milage to get a hard car), not that this bothers me, what does bother me is that you cannot kill opponants? This makes it pointless Codies. Please correct me if i'm wrong on this and it can be enabled somehow.
  4. I've been very critical of codies decisions since GRID1, even to the point of being pretty mean and bitter towards them, and rightly so. So it's quite the surprise to me that i like this new one, it has similar qualities to GRID1, it has potential. Not sure how good it will be for racing at the top level, too early to tell as the handling is certainly different, but it seems to do a lot right, so well done Codies, you just might have made a competent game, the first in years :) However, some things baffle me. 1. Text Chat Every racing game, from hardcore sims to arcade, all have a standard text chat window, and if they do not, its hard to get to know anyone, build a community, or tell people not to do soemthing, etc etc, or to even ask people what tracks they want next. Sorry, but i don't want to chat or listen in-game with a bunch of 13 year olds over mic and listen to lots of irrelevant rubbish. It is absolutely necessary, no excuses. Just the same as it was in GRID1, just hit Home, text window opens up, the end. If we are to have any hope of getting races organised and running long term, you need to add this, Codies, so people can better communicate. Lobby text chat, too. 2. Advanced options for wheels Come on guys, are you on work experience? Seriously. All control methods need the advanced control menu, not just official wheels. A pad racer won't be able to compete with a wheel without them, not at the very fastest level. 3. Add a favourites list for custom online session So I can choose all the settings and tracks i want, and save this so i can load it up quickly. In GRID1 we had cups with a few tracks and cars to run over and over. This was great, but i don't thnink we need this, just allow me to save a few presets myself. 4. AI (just small observation) Is it just me, but are the AI actually faster down the straights than me? If so, I really do not like this. One thing i do like is how damn hard the AI is on the harder settings, holy crap raven-whatever they are called, is actually hard to beat for once :) This is all i can think of for now, if anyone else has any more ideas, say so and I'll add them to the list. Codies have me interested in this game, but the one thing that will kill it before it even starts is if they don't listen to the community -- not the guys who buy it and three weeks later are playing COD, but the guys who want this to work right so we can play for many months to come. So please listen codies, because there won't be many more chances witht he GRID series if you don't patch this really soon with some tweaks.
  5. Yep, without these settings added for pad users, i can guarantee that a pad user cannot compete with the fastest wheel users, fact. I was prob the fastest touring pad racer in GRID 1, so I know these things :) So please Loore, this is a must add feature that cannot be pushed aside if you want this to be more like GRID1 in reputation. I refuse to use a wheel in a game like this even though i have one, it's just too canned for it to be fun.