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  1. Yep. BTW, if you want to put me in the beta just to check the mirrors on the Fiesta R5 Mk2 just in case...well
  2. Seems I can't delete previous posts...well [did it for you 🙂. -PJ] @PJTierney I did extensive tests, here are the 3 cars I found that have issue with side mirrors not showing a correct mirrored image in interior view : H2 RWD Ford Escort MK2 Volkswagen Polo R5 Porsche 911 RGT
  3. Issue : Inverted side mirrors on the Porche 911 RGT Method of reproduction : Drive the Porsche 911 RGT Issue : when driving from the interior view, the sidemirrors on the 911 RGT are inverted, they look as if we were looking directly behind instead of the image on it being mirrored as in real life
  4. @PJTierney stupid question, any chances of the new cars/classes and rallies added through DLC of being available in historical mode ? (just something I think that would be nice)
  5. Spam filter missed something ?
  6. Toyota in next DiRT game confirmed!
  7. Prefer the 306 Maxi, on the asphalt that one is goddamn scary
  8. Since .a big Toyota fan, other than what was already mentioned, here is my choices : Toyota Celica Twin Cam Turbo TA64 - Group B rwd Toyota Celica GT-Four ST185 - Group A (yes, screw the heavy ST205) Toyota Corolla WRC
  9. I did a thing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HojrKUm_1jXMTasJw0l-gRZieRyLJvBn/view?usp=sharing Basically, that text file list all the actual gear pattern used by each car using a a h-transmission, so you can map the pattern when you select the car (for example, a dogleg pattern for the Delta S4, etc...)
  10. @PJTierney found a glaring one there: Rear view mirror in the DS21 is inverted(it look like your are looking straight at behind from that mirror instead of acting like a mirror) On that screenshot, the wooden posts should be on the right on the mirror...they are on the left
  11. In fact it was just a VO....McRae was running the h transmission in late 98 according to onboard videos
  12. @pj working for me now. Everyone else, restart your steam client or your computer Just one glaring bug : when transmission nos settled to select automatically between h-pattern and sequential, it default to sequential for the S4
  13. BTW, cover art in steam is still the Polo 😛
  14. This news is nearly as good as the Dacia Sandero
  15. It look more like a bug. Calm down, PJ looking into it
  16. @PJTierney for those of us on Steam, game is updated but new cars and stage are not in-game for us
  17. I can't hold on to my ass after that run, I don't have an ass anymore
  18. Now, if only ALL the cars files were now unlocked so we could get a template out and replace the liveries 😛
  19. Not the one I want, but still much better than current livery Now if only Codemasters either gave us the templates so we can do custom liveries on dlc cars now... @PJTierney anything we could use to bribes the devs to enable that ?
  20. We're on version 1.12 right now
  21. One of the rare times Toyota had en engine issue
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