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  1. Nah, wasn't the cache as I managed to d/l on my son's account and console without clearing it. And I cleared the cache on my console twice the other day and it made no difference. MS or CM definitely did something (to fix it) although I'm sure neither will admit to it. It doesn't matter; it's working now and we can move on.
  2. @lumpiestfish115 , have you got it working?? Everyone I know who had probs previously has now got it working. I spent hours talking to Xbox support on this issue over Twitter so maybe that helped!?!
  3. Well customer support got back to me... Clear the cache they said. Righto lol ...for the record it did nothing and the issue still exists.
  4. @Loore‌ , you can clearly see from my earlier posts I'm referring to the Xbox 360 version. However, let me rephrase so there is no confusion... Where is the customer support for those users experiencing difficulties redeeming the black edition code on the Xbox 360?
  5. Where is the customer support? Last update was almost a week ago. At the very least tell us if it can't be fixed so we can return it. The silence is the most frustrating part.
  6. This is poor. A week since release and we have not got what was advertised or what we paid for. We need to know if a fix on Xbox is imminent.
  7. Something from Codies to acknowledge there is a prob redeeming the code on 360 in Oz and that they are looking into it? I have half a dozen mates in the same boat.
  8. Yep, code(s) still NOT working in Australia; bouncing 0% to 1% and back again. Two different codes on two consoles; one fat, one slim so Codies can't blame the type of console...
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