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  1. Schumacher Digital 20th June No
  2. xxCxxUxxRxxExx


    CM: Pitcoins? What pitcoins? 😂 Yeah, it’s pretty ordinary that it’s still unresolved with no time frame for a fix, assuming it can be fixed 🤷🏼‍♂️
  3. xxCxxUxxRxxExx

    Pitcoins Missing | UPDATE HERE 04/08/2020

    I neverenough I - Xbox One
  4. Thank you CM for not addressing this issue in the latest patch. Surely bugs take precedence over community requested features like cleaning your car?!? Sydney Motorsport Park / Day / Cockpit View is a joke. That is all.
  5. There were no lobbies (XB1) when I checked last night. This game needs to go to Xbox Game Pass ASAP if it’s any hope of surviving.
  6. On the subject of leaderboards, do Codies plan on removing the glitched times? Outside of the single player races (I honestly can’t bring myself to call it a ‘career’) hot lapping is a lot of fun but utterly pointless if the times are unattainable.
  7. This is still an issue after the latest update/patch. Might post pics later but just play the game enough QA team and you will see... 👍🏻
  8. xxCxxUxxRxxExx

    Latest on community-requested multiplayer changes

    So player base will be dead by the time private lobbies are integrated into MP and AI in quick match is here to stay (in some form). Look it’s great that Codies are taking on board our feedback but if the game design team were in touch with their consumer we wouldn’t be having this discussion. I’m still at a loss on how they got it so wrong, especially when they had learnings from the previous 3 games.
  9. xxCxxUxxRxxExx

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    It’s not about appealing to everyone. It is the fact that this game is the 4th in the series and one would expect the latest game to build on the first three instalments, not for the game to go the other way and be stripped back to the shell that it is. Let’s agree to disagree 👍🏻
  10. xxCxxUxxRxxExx

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    Look, the actual racing side of things is fun and immersive but it’s not a mobile game mate. For a full price game you want content, longevity, replayability. I can’t even hot lap now (which is all that is left) with glitched times scattered all over the leaderboards. I have been buying Codies games for over 20 years and most have been great, however this game, as a whole, is rubbish IMO.
  11. xxCxxUxxRxxExx

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    I keep thinking... how could they get it so wrong when the original was soooo good 10 years ago?? In the the last week Codies have mentioned they’re focussing on the GRID Stadia release and spruiking 40 car grids. I’m starting to think this game was made with Stadia as the focus. This would explain the insanely hollow and simplistic career mode (to cater for the casual gamer), as well as the decision to add AI to MP (so they can fill those 400, sorry 40, car grids). I had so much fun with the original GRID and Micro Machines V4... Codies have managed to kill off both this gen 👏🏻
  12. xxCxxUxxRxxExx

    Black Edition Redeem Code - Not Working

    Nah, wasn't the cache as I managed to d/l on my son's account and console without clearing it. And I cleared the cache on my console twice the other day and it made no difference. MS or CM definitely did something (to fix it) although I'm sure neither will admit to it. It doesn't matter; it's working now and we can move on.
  13. xxCxxUxxRxxExx

    Black Edition Redeem Code - Not Working

    @lumpiestfish115 , have you got it working?? Everyone I know who had probs previously has now got it working. I spent hours talking to Xbox support on this issue over Twitter so maybe that helped!?!
  14. xxCxxUxxRxxExx

    Black Edition Redeem Code - Not Working

    The code is now working. Thanks.