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  1. Grid1fan

    Grid AutoSport arriving tomorrow PS3

    was GRID 2 before GRID autosport?
  2. My experience (as a long time driving game fan, 20 years, PC then PS3, Mac also but a little short on games) GRID 1 for PS3 - was the best, most fun, driving game ive ever had for PS3. Was well balanced with skill needed, physics, right amount of realisium. GRID 2 for PS3 - was... too arcady, just too much luck needed, graphics were ok. It just wasnt fun, a waste of money. Very disapointing but Codemasters have taking alot of stick for this game, and rightly too. Wasnt even that bothered about cockpitview, it was just not fun, probably got 5 hours out of it. GRID AutoSport - If this isnt something as good as GRID 1 revamped, then I wont be buying a Codemasters game again without taking serious consideration on post realise reviews. Im not even asking for a major improvement over GRID 1 and how old it THAT game. Maybe they are just coding by numbers these days.