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  1. NastyMan

    Linking Problems

    My racenet has now started saying my steam account is linked to another codemasters account, whereas before it didn't say anything. Apart from an old CodeM account that i have now deleted I can't find any other Codemasters accounts i have.  I did have some account for GRID and DIRT 2 but can't for the life of me recall what sites they were other than RaceNet and it doesn't seem to recognise any of my old email addresses. I emailed custserv@codemasters.com last Wednesday but not had a reply yet. Good luck to everyone else getting it sorted.
  2. NastyMan

    Linking Problems

    Anyone else having problems linking their accounts to racenet? The only account I've managed to link is Facebook, but Steam and Youtube just will not link. I've tried several times a day since release but neither will link. I've tried with Firefox,Chrome and IE, just in case and still no luck. Anyone else having probs? Anyone now a fix?
  3. NastyMan

    Racenet not communicating.

    I can't get Racenet to link to steam at all. The only thing I managed to successfully link is Facebook.
  4. NastyMan

    Grid Autosport: Can't link to youtube

    All I've managed to link so far is Facebook, can't even link to steam, just hangs for ages. Using Firefox 30.0