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  1. -Very late or wrong notes in Scotland with English codriver (Phil Mills) and French codriver (Stéphane Prévot) -Very low codriver voice in Scotland (mainly French codriver) -Some notes in Scotland are cutting midway through -Some cars (ex: Legacy) are way louder engine wise than others -Some sound effects are now missing in a few cars (ex: gearshift in the 205 Gti, Turbo noise on some 2.0l 4WD...) PC - i5 7600k - 1070ti - Headphones
  2. The guy in the background of the video with the hat and the laptop looks very similar to this guy...
  3. It's the new Aston Martin Vantage gt3 from AMR : (the front bumper with the huge vent is the big giveaway)
  4. I have seen those orange cable and that white tape somewhere before...
  5. I know about skins, i did a bunch of them back into Dirt Rally 1 : Sadly not everyone is on pc and has access to modding. Also if they managed to license a livery editor in Dirt 4, I wonder why would it be that difficult to bring it back into DR 2.0 ? I also get that there will always be issues with some manufacturers like Audi concerning fictive liveries.
  6. The dlc liveries are quite plain like most of the fictive liveries, a bit disappointing. Any chance we will get IRL liveries in another pack ? Or something like the livery editor from Dirt 4 ? it added a bit of depth to the career mode. Also the manta is very quiet can't really hear it over the codriver calls, wonder if it is the same for everyone ?
  7. @cmsoundfx If codemasters is searching for a fabia wrc to record, Rent Speed Racing (Belgium) have 3 of them. Those rent cars are running or testing somewhere almost every week. https://rentspeedracing.be/voitures/
  8. This one is also not a "real" 206 wrc, it's a "life size model". So it's quite light and probably quite a bit easier to fix on a wall. Those cars were built by peugeot for display purpose, there is no engine/gearbox. On this picture you can see there is no radiator for example : The bodykit is also quite different from the real thing. See the bumpers, hood, mirrors, side panels, rear wing etc :
  9. I guess we can't even post a little remark without being made fun of ... I'm just trying to help.
  10. @ChristinaMc Don't know where to post it, but the width of the C3 r5 is wrong. (look at the wheels, especially rear axle) Game Irl [/URL
  11. It's a screenshot from the wrc 8 trailer ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEUHeHxA7e8 @ 00:12
  12. My bad I thought you were speaking about suggestion of cars that could fit rgt in general.
  13. There are many RGT left, here are a few that i saw compete : And the best one : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkH_S6C1kdA
  14. 6x R5s!! Holy moly  ... Wait until you see what's in the GT class. And this is just at launch!  :D :D Quite disappointing to see fictionnal cars in the gt category thought (Mustang and Camaro) when there are so many iconic rally cars to chose from.  :'(
  15. New gameplay footage :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNRf8a0q7Mk Body is 17 characters too short.
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