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  1. -Very late or wrong notes in Scotland with English codriver (Phil Mills) and French codriver (Stéphane Prévot)

    -Very low codriver voice in Scotland (mainly French codriver)

    -Some notes in Scotland are cutting midway through

    -Some cars (ex: Legacy) are way louder engine wise than others

    -Some sound effects are now missing in a few cars (ex: gearshift in the 205 Gti, Turbo noise on some 2.0l 4WD...)


    PC - i5 7600k - 1070ti - Headphones

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  2. 26 minutes ago, ianism said:

    CM is based in the UK. more likely it's them than the devs from WRC games because they're french and thus would have to travel more. also, we know how strongly CM feel for McRae et al.

    also, what is the car in the background of the first picture? (could be recording it for different purposes but who knows)



    It's the new Aston Martin Vantage gt3 from AMR :


    (the front bumper with the huge vent is the big giveaway)

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  3. 1 hour ago, tbtstt said:

    OK, so this might be a really good bit of gossip, or it might just be a bit of really wishful thinking, but BGM Sport (who run a lot of historic rally cars), posted this on Facebook earlier today: 

    "Made a bit of noise last week to get some sound recordings with a couple of super McRae Subaru’s!"

    Possibly a huge coincidence, but could the sound recordings be for Codemasters? Could we be getting two of the most requested Subarus? 



    I have seen those orange cable and that white tape somewhere before...

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  4. 16 minutes ago, Riggs said:

    IRL are always difficult because of extra licensing. You should check this thread out:

    There are already plenty of liveries out, including some Martini and Marlboro ones, and others. This is your best shot at getting irl liveries.

    There may be others in racedepartment as well.

    I know about skins, i did a bunch of them back into Dirt Rally 1 :


    Sadly not everyone is on pc and has access to modding.

    Also if they managed to license a livery editor in Dirt 4, I wonder why would it be that difficult to bring it back into DR 2.0 ? I also get that there will always be issues with some manufacturers like Audi concerning fictive liveries.

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  5. The dlc liveries are quite plain like most of the fictive liveries, a bit disappointing. Any chance we will get IRL liveries in another pack ?

    Or something like the livery editor from Dirt 4 ? it added a bit of depth to the career mode.

    Also the manta is very quiet can't really hear it over the codriver calls, wonder if it is the same for everyone ?

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  6. This one is also not a "real" 206 wrc, it's a "life size model". So it's quite light and probably quite a bit easier to fix on a wall.

    Those cars were built by peugeot for display purpose, there is no engine/gearbox. On this picture you can see there is no radiator for example


    The bodykit is also quite different from the real thing. See the bumpers, hood, mirrors, side panels, rear wing etc :



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  7. SkyRex said:
    So? I just listed three I liked, also because different drive train setups. But when it comes to it, I am an AWD fetishist, so I would obviously prefer if production time goes more to those classes than to RWD.
    Like Higgins STI
    or the 2007 WRC STI (Hawkeye)
    or the 99-00 Subaru who shall not be named
    or the 00 Hyundai Accent
    or the 90s Evo IV
    or eve something more for NR4, like the new NR4-Kit Clio:
    My bad I thought you were speaking about suggestion of cars that could fit rgt in general.

  8. SkyRex said:
    I actually like having some RWD choice in modern cars. But the Porsche, Mustang and maybe a Lotus Exige would be enough for that... although... is RGT limited to RWD? Maybe the Higgins STI would fit in there? (Probably to much as it would outclass all others on loose conditions...)
    There are many RGT left, here are a few that i saw compete :

    And the best one :

  9. tbtstt said:
    Great video, two Super 1600's cars and the Mitsubishi R5 spotted already! 
    6x R5s!! Holy moly 
    ... Wait until you see what's in the GT class. And this is just at launch!  :D :D
    Quite disappointing to see fictionnal cars in the gt category thought (Mustang and Camaro) when there are so many iconic rally cars to chose from.  :'(

  10. P308R said:
    That third car on the screen to the right. Is that the Abarth-logo or the Vauxall one? If it is the Abarth, could it be the old 124 Spider?
    First screen : Fabia
    Second screen : Fulvia (https://i.ytimg.com/vi/dQEM-qGLByY/maxresdefault.jpg)
    Third screen : Mini (RHD is the big giveaway, and line over the wipers : https://i.ytimg.com/vi/G8EtoYw5Uv4/maxresdefault.jpg)

  11. DLC there will be Class of Group B RX

    @ChristinaMc Will group b rx be the first or second dlc or will it just release later ?

    I'm also wondering if more of the dlc content will be cars or an entire class from Dirt 4 or Dirt rally.

  12. Why does everything look so "cartoonish" in this trailer ?
    Over saturated colors and tons of lens flare, it doesn't look natural at all.
    Where is the clean and natural look of Dirt rally 1, where you could recognize locations just by the ambiant lighting ?
    Physics doesn't seem very natural at first glance either.
    Hopefully all of that is just for the trailer ...