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  1. Accro2008 said:
    Little rumor going around on a french rally forum from a well known codriver.

    Apparently Luis Moya (Sainz codriver) will be in charge of the notes in spanish.
    And Stephane Prévot (codriver of Atkinson, Duval and a lot of other official drivers) for the notes in french

    Looks like the infos were right, Stephane Prévot for french codriver :

  2. Anyone else having the impression there is some framerate issues on these videos ?

    A few quick observations from the quattro video (not criticism, i know the game is still far from release) :

    - Wow huge lens flares everywhere ! I have to preorder some sunglasses as well now. Lighting in general just seems to be a bit to much over the top for my taste.

    - Looks almost exactly like the Condor stage.

    - Is the codriver having a seizure in the quattro video, or does she have a neck made of a spring ? (at 1:16)

    - Kinda scared of the way the quattro is "bogging down" at the exit of the first hairpin remind me of the one game that shall not be named. But could be the way the driver is driving, the setup or the surface of the road because it seems fine in other places.

    - Some nice details, parts of the wall/rocks flying off when hit slighty by the back of the audi.

    - Sounds are great, that quattro screams like the real deal.

  3. Could this be more than a private rallycross project ?

    Maybe there is an official Skoda involvement in that project.

    Also this, maybe a way to test some parts undercover  : 

    Just a few crazy hypothesis.

    Otherwise it could also be porsche bringing the cayman rgt to customers after the experiment in Germany with Romain Dumas.

  4. The rally Monte Carlo 2019 guide is out with a very interesting info : 

    In page 3 Christian Tornatore (Chief Marshall) of the Automobile Club of Monaco makes a quick presentation of the event where you can read  : 
    "Un nouveau constructeur automobile pourrait faire son apparition au Championnat du Monde, nous le saurons avant la fin de l’année……"

    Which translate to :
    "A new car manufacturer might make an appearance in the World Championship, we will know about it before the end of the year ....."

    So which manufacturer is it ? Skoda ? Somebody else ?

  5. Dytut said:
    P308R said:
    Découvrez le Tweet de @eWRCresults : https://twitter.com/eWRCresults/status/1042412638418948096?s=09

    Many tweets by Solberg and Loeb involving Oliver . Could be random , could be something ?
    Oliver's been training tarmac driving with Loeb. 

    But on a tangent, the future battles between Oliver Solberg and Kalle Rovanperä will be epic.

  6. Just met this old guy once again today : 

    (Ignore my horrible photographing skills :# )

    I tried to recommend him a very good pizza place, but he was a bit too busy with interviews and a rally car ...
    At least he found some time to sign my phone.

    Way more rally drivers to meet this week and some very exciting rally cars as well.
    Hope the experts will crack the code(masters) while i'm away !

  7. Areyouben said:
    You're are missing that Kylotonn shared that post.
    So does that actually confirm that they will do the next wrc title then ?
    Or that they are just sharing a post by the facebook page that is still promoting wrc 7 (the game they produced) ?

    My english is quite terrible so i'm sorry if i missed something via that link.

  8. kheiro said:
    No codies WRC 


    No confirmation anywhere via that link on who has the licence. the pictures used are from the wrc website (taken during the autosport show)  and the WRC official game page are giving the same anwsers as before in the comments :

    "Stay tuned for more information coming soon on that, Karl. We know you're eager to hear more and appreciate your patience."

    Source of the pictures here : https://www.wrc.com/en/wrc/about-wrc/rally-cars/citroen-ds3-wrc/page/795-18667-795--.html

    It's just a random post, maybe I'm missing something ?

  9. dgeesi0 said:
    oh and add in isle of man tt . cant believe no one ever adds that. with a car would be great fun.
    I would rather see the classic Manx rally stages rather than the very fast tt track not really suited for rallycars. 


    So many iconic corner/places like Castletown at 1:35 for example.
    Maybe the TT track would be more interesting with more powerful cars with downforce like the hillclimb ones.

    Talking of it, the Isle of man rally has been canceled this year. And a lot of ford escort driver from there will instead be in Belgium for a very special event the same week end.

  10. I got to try it really quick on ps4 yesterday night. (wall of text incoming)

    I played with a pad, while i only played WRC 7 with a wheel so my feedback may be lacking in that area.
    But I played on a pad years and years before that, and i use a pad from time to time when at a friend place.

    I only did two rally stages in quick game, both on gravel with the hood view.

    One with the fabia r5 in Kenya to have a base of comparison with WRC 7.
    Quite a boring stage to be honest with mostly wide roads and some water splash, but the environment looked great.
    Gameplay wise it was similar to what i experienced in WRC 7, but my friend told me that V-rally 4 was a bit more accessible (you could brake later and carry more speed in general).

    And one stage in Malaysia with the Tuthill porsche. At least the porsche had a great interior modeled.
    The stage was quite long and went through a beach with very wide sandy roads and at some point on tight gravel roads surrounded by water.
    This one was just terrible, the rwd physics on gravel were just awful. The way the car "snapped" into oversteer felt so unatural, it was like playing with an on/off switch. 

    The main thing that shocked me overall was the lack of feeling for the grip maybe due to the physics, I don't know if it is the same for WRC 7 when playing on a pad.

    Otherwise, like seen on the previous videos for the game, it doesn't look very good. The car sounds are underwhelming and the codriver is still terrible. On top of that an atroucious sound track, probably the worst i have heard in the last ten year.
    The performance and frame rate were alright with a few drops here and there.

    After that we went out for a few drinks, it was a much more enjoyable experience.
    I think the biggest question I have is how the career mode is. Because if it's not similar to V-Rally 3's amazing career mode I don't really have any motivation of picking this up.
    For the career mode, you have to sign contracts, recruit ingeneers etc.
    You also need to buy cars, and upgrade them (around 20 upgrades by cars) to get their full potential.
    But I didn't found any livery editor, or sponsor system.

    Reminded me a lot of Dirt 4 career mode personally.

    And yes to beat the game you have to beat all discplines, so you have to do the gymkhana stuff for example.

  11. A few people i know already got V-rally 4 (ps4) in retail in France.

    All of them are disappointed, apparently it's a big downgrade compared to wrc 7 in pretty much all areas.

    Haven't got the opportunity to play it yet, I should be able to try it out at a friend place later on this week.

    Edit : Here is a picture of the box

  12. So i wonder who has it then?
    That's the question everyone has been wondering for a while now.

    I will keep an eye on the french articles see if i find anything, usually there is more stuff than in the english press about the game.

  13. So what exactly do they say?                            

    He says word for word (my first language is french) :

    "But since there is no more official licence (in V-rally 4) what is interesting is that they have less restrictions than in WRC 7 with the WRC championship." After that it's just the usual V-Rally 4 PR speak.

    I don't think it actually confirm anything.

  14. V-Rally 4 would make a great boat simulator.  :#


    The cars seem to float over the road and the wobbly hud just increase that feeling, hopefully it's just an illusion but it doesn't look very promising.
    And I'm not even talking about the terrible sounds, awful 3D models for most of the cars, the robotic codriver and a  framerate locked at 30 fps.

    But still most of the video games websites are praising it, a shame rally games nowadays have such low standard in the video game industry .

  15. That’s a Sunday so that’s pretty unlikely. I think the second or third week of September 
    I think you are right but there is still a small chance.

    It's the same week end as Rallyday, and Ryan Champion will be there, could be a good opportunity.
    Source : http://rallyday.com/news/rallyday-2018-welcomes-ryan-champion/

  16. CMMcBabe said:
    Kublai Khan owned five thousand mastiffs, the most dogs recorded as being owned by one person.
    So announcement on the 23 of september ? Would make sense with the infos we already have.  :#

    Also Dirt dog edition confirmed ! (https://farm1.staticflickr.com/836/41584569761_32dde312f4_k.jpg)

  17. bogani said:
    Accro2008 said:
    Little rumor going around on a french rally forum from a well known codriver.

    Apparently Luis Moya (Sainz codriver) will be in charge of the notes in spanish.
    And Stephane Prévot (codriver of Atkinson, Duval and a lot of other official drivers) for the notes in french

    Wow! That is impressive if it's true. A perfect time to learn Spanish then  o:)
    I would recommend learning a bit of french as well, Prévot is one the best codriver period, just not very famous.

    The list of driver he codrived is also quite mindblowing :
    Alen, Blomvquist, Waldegard, Thiry, Martin, Ostberg, Atkinson, Alister Mcrae, Henning Solberg, Duval, Novikov, Lefebvre, Sarazzin and a lot more ...

  18. Little rumor going around on a french rally forum from a well known codriver.

    Apparently Luis Moya (Sainz codriver) will be in charge of the notes in spanish.
    And Stephane Prévot (codriver of Atkinson, Duval and a lot of other official drivers) for the notes in french