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  1. Dytut said:
    Look for clues, look for clues. The helmet at the window has is 01, does that mean it's a new IP? ;-)
    Pretty sure it's just a Grid 1 themed helmet, The final team had the 01 number and the same color combo (carbon grey with 2 black stripes), and the same Dainese logo. The livery was used in a lot of promotional footage like the viper on the front cover of the game.

    What do you read into with the realism comment? Either he’s talking about the game itself, or more likely just the way the pacenotes are recorded
    Most likely the way the pacenotes are recorded since he is in the motion rig but who knows.

  2. osdafrich said:
    Gossip Worthy?

    There is a Dirt 3 boxart behind Phil Mills so yeah i would say it's gossip worthy  :#

    Also same place and seat where KickUp recorded the notes for Dirt Rally

     Now just 6 weeks to wait before the announcement.

  3. Dytut said:
    Have you found any good pictures? I've only seen the fuzzy testing video where I could see some changes to the upper wing but not much else.
    Here you go :

    Full analysis of the changes here : https://wrcwings.wordpress.com/2018/07/09/new-rear-aero-design-for-the-ford-fiesta-wrc-2018/

  4. Whilst stood in a field in Belgium waiting for Belgian and British championship crews to come past,it just occurred to me that I haven't logged on here yet to make my annual "please put Ypres stages in your next rally game" appeal.

    So here goes.

    Please Codies, put Ypres into your next game. 

    Same here, great week end on the westhoek roads. Please codemasters.

    Also can we have one of those ? :

  5. I just don't remember the last time we saw a 100% point-to-point rally games outside of the wrc games on consoles/pc. 
    The wrc licence also had a bad reputation in general since the ps3 era that might have influenced sales. 
    (i know the last titles are a huge improvement and can be very enjoyable) 

    I think the last one was Colin Mcrae rallye 2005 back in september 2004  and just before that Richard Burns rally in july 2004...

  6. What I got from the interview (french is my first language) :

    - Big ben bought the v-rally licence
    - Fun oriented (arcade) because the wrc licence was too strict with real life stages mostly and kylotonn wanted something different (which implies it won't include the wrc licence)
    - Rally, hillclimb, gymkhana :# and rallycross all over the globe in career mode
    - Famous recognizable/fantasy world locations (monument valley, wall of china...) 
    - Open maps with roads used randomly
    - Locked at 30 fps, which is a big downside for racing games (game looks slow)
    - Guy who tested the game wasn't really impressed (subjective)
    - And i probably forgot some stuff 

  7. Something very different that i found very interesting.

    A "review" of the tutorials from dirt rally by a fighting game player who has small experience in racing games.

    He makes a lot of very good points on how well done the video tutorials are and how "challenges where you go and do it yourself" may not be the way to go, he also make a lot of parallel with fighting games.

    It's a bit long but the interesting parts start around 22min and 30min50.


    I think this could be very valuable feedback for codemasters.

    *Sorry for the boring post*

  8. sqdstr said:
    V-Rally 4 rallycross & buggies trailer  
    Damn that looked bad.
    The blur effects, slow motion, camera movement, sepia filter, transitions are just jarring.
    The tracks looks like they are straight out of an arcade game and an alpine a310 is racing against modern rx machines.
    This doesn't look too promising ...

  9. Thanks a lot for bringing us one of the best rally experience in years @KickUp and best of luck for the future !
    We could tell that you were really passionate about rallying and it really shown through the dirt franchise.

    My hopes for a bright future for rally games from codemasters have vanished a bit, hopefully i'm wrong ...

  10. So Codemasters is teaming up with Eden Games (the studio behind the old v-rally and tdu games) to make a F1 mobile game :

    I know what that mean, more crazy theories ! (even though it's probably just a weird coincidence)

  11. tbtstt said:
    Dytut said:
    Or maybe, just maybe, if the rumors are true about a Skoda WRC team next year...
    As much I would like to be proven wrong, I just cannot see this happening.

    The financial commitment required would be absolutely immense.
    Skoda representatives were presents at the last official wrc manufacturers meeting (Skoda never attended before).

    Doesn't confirm anything but it's a pretty big hint.

  12. Not much new, but Bigben made this statement on the V-Rally 4 steam forums  :

    Hi there.
    As you know, the Kylotonn Team has grown a lot in the past few years, even opening a second studio. They are able to handle different projects at the same time, but for 2018, let's celebrate the come-back of V-Rally 4. 
    More information regarding any potential WRC sequel will be given at a later date.

    Source here : https://steamcommunity.com/app/658700/discussions/0/1698293703768501966/

  13. Maybe a bit of gossip ? The official skoda motorsport website has realeased an article featuring the history of all the DiRT games (a bit weird since skoda was never featured in any of them) :

    "What will Codemasters offer in the future? Will the Colin McRae series continue, or will it end up forgotten? Only time will tell."
    I'm sure they read the gossip thread as well.  :#

  14. A bit of gossip from Codemasters from the last F1 2017 blog : 

    Looking forward to the future, the F1 team here at Codemasters have been working on the newest project. We can’t wait to share with you what’s being worked on – but in the meantime, we’ve some other news and opportunities we’d like to share with you…

    Beta Programme

    For the past couple of years, we’ve run our successful beta testing programmes, and every time we’re excited by the incredibly detailed feedback you give us. We’re very happy to say that we’re continuing this, and that we’ll be opening testing both offline and online in the coming weeks! We’ll be opening sign-ups shortly, so keep your eyes open for your chance to help us shape the next project!

    Link : http://blog.codemasters.com/f1/03/new-seasons-new-beginnings/

    Curious to see what it will be (probably F1 2018) and what the DiRT team is working on.