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  1. Some E-sportler and YouTuber are confirming, that Codemasters is planning to release a handling patch which should make the cars slower because they are way to fast. Nothing directly from Codemasters at this point.
  2. thats how it is in real life
  3. Well the games are developed in more than one year. it needs nearly 2 years to do so. If you have for nearly a year just half of the time on work due to short-time work or homeoffice it´s not that easy to deliver everything from the beginning. Thats just disrespectful
  4. Well would like to know your source. Didn´t find anything about it.
  5. well is it a shame that even CM needed to face the pandemic? I don´t think so. Please just try to understand why it´s delayed. If CM could, they would patch these tracks in even before the release. But when you just don´t have the possibility to finish them you need to do this first.
  6. Yeah, for sure. But imagine a league racing with simulation damage. Would be difficult with rear wing damage in simulation ^^. But anyway it would be at least a good feature.
  7. I´ve just can quote @BarryBL. EA is the publisher, Codemasters still the producer and developer. The game is made by Codemasters and not by EA. Barry correct me if I am wrong, but EA is more giving ressources, doing marketing etc. instead of developing the game. So I don´t think there will be that much differences in that case. Especially for this game. F1 2021 should be in developement for something arround 2 year.
  8. No, I actually don´t think this is the case. I mean have a deeper look into it. These icons are just for the Deluxe Edition.
  9. Good question. Maybe because it´s not that import spent time in giving this place a hitbox etc. I don´t know actually. I hope and I think they will update the tracks in the next games anyway.
  10. So if you don´t have a suggestion, please don´t open up a post 😅 Or at least you should fix whatever went wrong. 🙃
  11. I think the damage model is something they are working on always. I can´t remember if it was Lee Mather or Paul Jeal, but one of them posted on twitter some time ago before the release of F1 2019 or F1 2020, that Codemasters was close to include a more realistic damage model but couldn´t get it done in the end. Mostly it could be something about licensing resaons. But I have a question for you. Do you really would like to have rearwing damage in a league race? Or all in all a more realistic damage model? I am not sure if I would.
  12. I think there will be a lot of new liveries. At least in Podium Pass there will be new liveries. Somehow you surely will be able to create a similliar livery 🙂
  13. I would like to drive Racing Point.
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