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  1. I agree with some of the others, I am afraid of problems that may arise from changes to anything. I see the piece of straw laying on the ground and the poor camel is straining now. 
  2. I had a freeze yesterday but, it was because XBL went down. When the game froze was in the load screen, where it was freezing before. So of course I thought not again!! But then I noticed I got the disconnected form XBL message. Weird coincedence.
  3. Well for the time being XBL is down. If it is hackers that are responsible for the outage, they should be made to pay us for the downtime (in my dreams & in a perfect world). And M$ should pay us for the outage too (again in my perfect world). Although if my math is correct that comes down to like 32 cents (U.S.) for two days. So screw it. I will go do something else.
  4. Maybe my apology was misunderstood. I only apologized for not believing @Loore & the rest of CM would not fix the freezing problem. And just leave us hanging. That is why I have been M.I.A. on this board for more than a month. I just gave up hope that the freezing would be fixed. I would scan through the posts every once in a while to see if there was a patch yet. And just kept reading that soon there was a fix coming again & again. Like I said above I got to the point where I did not believe it.  And some of you know I was here from day one actually 3 days prior to release in th
  5. I know what you are saying about the "perfect lap" I was just commenting on my thoughts of the quest for the "perfect lap". It is all cool, Ride the walls do whatever you want to do. If it is perfect for you then that is cool with me. It is a free world after all and we are only along for the ride!  :)
  6. I am sorry but, what? I don't follow you. I am not saying anything to put you down.
  7. I was always under the impression that there is no such thing as a "perfect lap". I have never had a "perfect lap" in any type of racing. Real-world or the digital one, there is always somewhere you left a bit of time out there on the track. That is what keeps me coming back is the search for that perfect lap. I know by now I will never get it. But, it sure is exciting trying to get it!  I am lucky enough to have raced Karts that were set up so perfect to the conditions and track that it felt like it would drive itself and I was the one that was screwing the Kart up not the other way aro
  8. @RWBSUPERCHARGER‌ What in the blue hell are you talking about? My point is invalid? Also if you are thinking I am still mad about you accusing me of being a cheater. No I am not mad at you, hell I even forgot about it. And I had to stop to think what you are even going on about. Stop flattering yourself I forgot about it a while back. Obviously you didn't, and for that you have my apology too.  Chalk that up to a lesson learned for me. The next time someone calls me a cheat, after I did not cheat I should apologize right away so as not to upset the accuser. Never to old learn something
  9. This apology is for you @Loore and the rest of Codemasters. I have just played about 1 and a half hours on the Everything Online Playlist and have had no problems whatsoever. The reason I feel compelled to apologize is because I thought for sure that GAS on the Xbox was not going to be fixed. Even though we were told it was going to be fixed. I did not believe it. You all (CM) could have just thrown up your hands and said "Nothing can be done to fix it!" And just left it at that. But, no you fixed it like you said you would and for that I say thank you. I would gladly buy you all a round. He
  10. Stil freezingl cold up in here I see.
  11. Still no un-thaw patch, I see. Terrific news. I have not played the game in weeks, I doubt I will be playing this game again.  On the bright side I bought a game for the good old 360 that released 2 weeks ago and cannot get any answers from that company to whether or not they are going to fix some of the issues with that game. All these guys want to talk about is the release of the next gen version of this game next week. 
  12. So if we get rid of the freezer, we should expect no more ice cream! 
  13. 772 races134 wins 433 podiums 1,621,039 XP5,131 milesLevel 131 I think Of course like so many other people my stats as far as lower #'s  are concerned are lower due to 2 corruptions. But I would say my stats would be pretty much the same as far as win percentage goes. 
  14. I always find it funny when people throw terms around to make theselves sound smart. I have played with several different players (mostly younger). Who think that JDM stands for Japanese Drift Machine. Even had one say that CM was stupid for not knowing this and having JDM cars in a racing category, instead of Drifting.  If someone does not know JDM stands for Japanese Domestic Market. Meaning that the car was built in Japan in for Japanese drivers. So a lot of cars, can fall into this category.  Indie is one of those terms that get thrown around that people really have no idea wha
  15. @NWRCharger‌ maybe they meant CM is a Indy developet as in Indy.....Cars and just got the spelling mixed up?  We are Indy! Was IndyCars slogan about 10 years back. It didn't catch on. On the down low though, Nascar is looking into buying IndyCar. Nascar bought the 2 major Endurance series here in the States. I have the board game Nascar Monopoly. ( I don't know why I brought this up but, I did.) 
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