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  1. Well, first i missed the Germany event. I wouldn't have done that great there anyhow but at least could have collected a few points. Then tonight i sit down to enjoy the Wales event and after 4 full stages, as the 5th opened my computer froze up. Kind of unusual really but upon restarting of course the Wales event had reset. Oh well.

    I don't really fell like restarting now and i don't think it's really fair if i do anyhow so i'll take a DNF.
    I was in the lead after S4 though. Haha. Just barely with only around 7 seconds i think. Won S1-2 and 4.

    Onto next season, well done guys.

  2. Well, i was kinda overdriving through S4-7 to try and catch Arete and Snaky. A few oversteers and an actual lucky barrel roll in there but i finished pretty quick. Still no catching the top times though, especially on the hairpinny stages. The 2wd can't get going from a stop as quick as the 4wd's, i'm sure that'll be a big problem in Germany too.

    Anyhow, fun times. I like the Manta in Greece, looking forward to Finland.

  3. First 3 stages of Greece done. Went into it cold after crashing the Polo/sweden daily so it felt weird at first. I stayed clean but pretty cautious and slow on S1 leaving me quite behind the fastest time. I sped up for S2 only to slip off the road at one point. Luckily i was able to drive back onto the road myself to avoid a reset but still lost 10 sec. S3 is my favourite Greece stage and i finally had a good flow going. In 3rd place at the moment.

  4. Scyy said:
    Why am I not surprised headquake would come and wreck us even driving a Manta. Lol
    Haha,  :) 

    I did have a good event, i love the Sweden stages as i've said before and i love the Manta too. 
    Was cruising through S1-4 really clean, then lost concentration during 5 for a quick spin. Another in 6 as the sloppiness continued.
    Still not sure how fast it is compared to the 4wd's. Probably mainly just slower start ups from sharp corners.

  5. Well, i think it'll be a close one. If you top guys beat me here, you could win the championship.
    I don't feel i did clean enough event to win here, i had a good feel in the last couple stages but another spin out in S5 i think it was.
    Added to the spin and reset in the first half of the event, i don't know if it'll be good enough.
    Loving the feeling on the R5 on gravel though, a pleasure to drive on these great stages.
    Good luck guys.

  6. Scyy said:
    Just got my oculus rift all setup and all I can say is holyshit.
    Awesome isn't it?

    Started Wales before most of you this time so i'm not sure how fast my pace has been. I'm taking a little break after S3 while hoping all the rain clears up. Ha. In S1 i was super careful. Clean yet not real fast. S2 was same but messier and i even had a spin i one corner and then rolled onto my side. I waited a few seconds for it to roll back on it's wheels but no luck. Reset. S3 managed to have a pretty good pace, best feeling so far.

  7. Ooof, yeah not so good a ride for me in Germany.
    I don't feel so bad for getting a 2 min lead in Finland now that i'm 2 min behind here. Ha.
    I won't totally blame the car though, it was handling ok, i just don't have good a feel for the tarmac. Always misjudging breaking points and clipping stones on the insides of corners. Trying to push a little too hard maybe. Had an ok S1 but was still down 10 sec or so. The rest of the rally was pretty messy. A few crashes, a few spins.

    Onto Wales, gonna be a close season.
    Don't crash guys.

  8. After my nice and comfortable Sweden event, i went into Greece feeling good but i probably should have done a shakedown first as i slid wide off the road early in S1 and got reset. S2 went good which got me back up the leaderboard a bit but a dumb spin in S3 lost me another 10 seconds. S4 was fast but in S5 i oversteered a hairpin and clipped one of those spectators on the inside. Reset again. A good S6 and a really fast S7 didn't quite catch me up to Panic but has me in 2nd place for now.  

  9. Yeay! Nice runs in Sweden.
    I love the Renault and i really love the physics and handling in Sweden.
    It feels really good to my senses. 

    Mostly pretty clean and calm event, I pushed quite hard in S1 - S3 until i got too messy and i began getting slowed up on the snow banks in S4.
    I had about a one minute lead before the night/snow stage, so i took it easier through there. Cautious and clean through S6 and 7.

    Sweden and Finland are usually my fastest events, maybe because they're most like the roads where i live in Canada.
    Greece and Wales are pretty good too though i noticed in the 80's weekly that the R5 was pushing weird in all the hairpins.
    Not looking forward to Germany.

  10. Well, after doing about 6 shaky shakedowns with the Renault, i had what i thought may be a working technique for Monte. With the weight of this car being more mid-rear you really have to throw it around the corners to prevent the understeer. Get the back sliding out more before the corner. While this worked okay, i'm being quite sloppy at it in the first stage and ended up ramping off the road to DNF.

    Thank goodness. :)

    Wasn't looking forward to having to run 6 full monte stages.
    I don't imagine i would have done to well here even if i had finished anyhow, not blaming the car, i'm just not very strong on tarmac it seems.

    More fun to try and catch you guys in Sweden now.

  11. I was having a pretty smooth but not super quick run in Wales.
    Thought as long as i kept it clean i could stay on top due to the troubles some of you had, but i was still 5 seconds down on the top times early on so i tried to pick up the pace a little once the rain stopped.
    Had a few rough spots but ended up not too far in front of  SkyRex for 1st place. 

    That is until Baunau finished 15 seconds up on that.
    Well done.

  12. Dirt rally is awesome in VR.
    The resolution is much lower than a monitor set up of course, but once you forget about that, the immersion helps driving considerably. You can see the size of the car better, look around naturally, judge the corners and bumps better, the dirt and rain on the windshield is more realistically focused, the sense of speed feels more accurate, and you can just use your real driving reactions better. Also, the headset feels like an uncomfortable helmet. Ha.

    Any view besides cockpit view feels wrong and i find it best with the wheel and hands turned off. 

    I played for a year with a nice 3 monitor set up, it looked beautiful and was great fun but the VR just makes my inner child freak out.
    Its really cool.

  13. Well Greece went pretty well though i had a hard time catching a few of you guys.
    The top few seemed to have trouble in the last few stages and i ended up in 2nd.

    Finished Finland tonight which is probably my strongest location.
    I have a nice feel in the Subaru, riding it really soft and safe i got through the event pretty clean.
    I pushed a little harder in the first 3 stages, but after seeing my lead and my still beat up car after service, i took it easier in stage 4-7. 

    1st place for now but Germany will be a mess for me i presume.
    Should be a close championship in the end.
    Fun times.

  14. Well i missed the opening event but had a good day in Sweden today.
    Had a pretty smooth run overall in the Subaru, had it set up really soft and enjoyed the drive. Sweden may be my favourite location lately, love the feel of the stages and grip level. Its so easy to catch a bank and spin out, the secret to a quick time here is slow down and stay clean. I managed it for the first six stages but had a quick spin in the "power stage".
    1st place so far. Yey. :)     

  15. Thanks for the welcome guys. :)
    Did the Finland events today. Man, i was cruising along really good. Had a calm and smooth feel, not super fast but clean and enjoyable. Finland is usually my quickest location, and i'm digging the old Alpine so it was going well. Made it through all 6 long stages without an incident, then a quick lack of concentration on S7 slid me wide and i smacked the rear into a tree. Unfortunately busting the rear right tire not far into the stage. I continued on the rim for a bit but it wasn't going well so i stopped, changed the tire and took the penalty.
    Oh well, still a fun time.

  16. Hello all, hope you don't mind me re-joining the league, i wanted to have a bit more DirtRally to play each week.

    I realize i missed the 1st couple events in this season, but i'll jump in to Greece here.
    I picked the 60's Renault to see how it compared, i like the feel of it but i'm not sure how much slower it is than the 70's.
    Thought it would be a fun challenge.

    S1-S3 felt pretty good, quite consistent with no crashes though i was being a little safe.
    S4 is one of my favourite stages. I had a great feel here and pushed quite hard.
    Feeling good from that stage i went into S5 too fast at times and ended up rolling. I landed on the wheels and kept going but lost some time, cracked the windshield all up, and busted half the lights making the end half of the stage much harder.
    S6 and S7 were sloppy but OK.