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  1. Man, i'm so happy i got to the end. Haha. :)  

    I knew it would be hard to get through 24 stages with so few garages, so i took the strategy of  "super safe no crash speed".
    It worked out well in the end though there were times in the first half where i was really down on the top 3 times. I just tried to keep the car in good shape and hope you guys started dropping off in the 2nd half. In Finland i slowed for every jump and got through it all clean, then had a pretty solid car left to push a little more in Wales.

    Started to move up in places till the last stage of Greece where i noticed i was the only driver left.
    Took it really careful and finished, even with a lucky spin near the end just to scare myself. Ha.
    My advice to others, slow down.

    It was a fun Event as it let me really enjoy all of the beautiful stages at a leisurely pace for a change.

    Ps - love the idea of 70's class for next championship.