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    Manta 400 Sound correction?

    Good question because I've also noticed the Manta 400 in DR 2.0 doesn't have that roar. Does not sound aggressive enough, like the 2.0 liter engine instead of the 2.4. Hope Codies will fix this soon so I can enjoy driving it even more.
  2. Gentax

    FF feels dead in DR2 as compared to DR1

    I'm using a T300 too and on mine the SAT seems to be ok but hitting bumps and jump landings effects are pretty much non existent. Can you feel jump landings? And could you share your settings so I can give them a try?
  3. Gentax

    If you were to add one DR1 venue as DR2 DLC...

    I'd go for Greece. Gravel, hairpins, elevation, challenging and beatiful scenery ... what do you need more? 🙂