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  1. Good question because I've also noticed the Manta 400 in DR 2.0 doesn't have that roar. Does not sound aggressive enough, like the 2.0 liter engine instead of the 2.4.
    Hope Codies will fix this soon so I can enjoy driving it even more.

  2. 3 hours ago, Rallycameraman said:

    DR1 FFB was rubbish. 


    DR2 feels so much better on my T300. I’m sure some of the other Beta testers will be along soon with their tips. 

    I'm using a T300 too and on mine the SAT seems to be ok but hitting bumps and jump landings effects are pretty much non existent.
    Can you feel jump landings?
    And could you share your settings so I can give them a try?

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  3. Never had the error 41 but suddenly it occurred. I found that it was caused by having subscribed to too many car setups in the Steam Workshop.
    There seems to be a cap on the max number of subscribed car setups. After some testing I found that the max cap for me is 106 subscribed setups. Adding a 107th and the error 41 is there again, removing the 107th and the error disappears. I tested this with several setups to rule out the possibility of a corrupt car setup. Give it a go and hope this helps some ppl getting rid of the frustrating error 41.