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    Something is coming closer...

    Maybe Pikes Peak ? Would be awsome to have that in DR2
  2. Fjacobsen

    End of bug fixes

    How I have seen it is... There was much hype about DR2 when it was announced. More so when the previews of it came on Youtube. Most of the wellknown racing sim Youtubers told how great the physics and graphics was/is and almost none of them gave much negative critics and barely mentioned the FFB. Maybe something changed between the preview versions, that those preview testers had and the, and the release version, but I have yet to find any notes from these testers / youtubers that indicates that this was the case. Quickly after release the lacking FFB became one of the most apperent "bug" with DR2. I also found the FFB lacking on my system, but at no point has I felt that DR2 wasn´t fun or even would call it unplayable. I think the main issue here is how the community exaggerated the problems into a very hyped negative posture, but this was also well suspended by Codemasters lack of feedback of what would go to happen and should be a lesson for them to be much more active communicating with their customers.
  3. Fjacobsen

    End of bug fixes

    Thanks PJTierney for the info - it seems they have found a good replacement for Christina in You. I wonder why there is still such a negative attitude to this sim. DR1 was great, but DR2 is still a nice step forward.
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    We ask please hotfix the audio-cutting

    After applying 1.4.1 (FFB fix) I had the audio cut too.
  5. Fjacobsen

    patch 1.06 and still FBB not fixed on dirt 2

    Patch 1.06 ??? Sure Your talking about Dirt Rally 2.0 ?
  6. Fjacobsen

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    I don´t feel that the FFB is so bad in DR2. The feedback is probably close to what can be expected from a real rally car through the wheel. But since driving a real car sends more senses into Your body, and those aren´t available at You gaming system, putting other feedback effects ontop of the real ones into the wheel, can greatly enhance the immersion. It is those effects that DR2 seems to lack in my opnion. Effects like a very slight road rumble, understeer enhancements, etc.
  7. Yes - the Golf wheel animation is the one I have seen being off. I+m not sure if it should be 900 or 540° in real life - but in the sim it seems to be 900°, but the animation is wrong.
  8. With a wheel setting og 900°, calibrated in DR2 and SL=On, wheel rotations are correct for the hardware wheel, but the animation is not correct for any other than those with in-game 540°.
  9. Fjacobsen

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    Me too, but the 3rd one goes somewhere else, to get the feeling of the rumble in the seat.
  10. Fjacobsen

    how you make a balanced setup for WRX cars???

    If Your 15-20 sec behind the other drivers, using the default setup, then You should improve Your lap times rather than tangle with the setup. Changing setup will only help tweaking the last few seconds out of the car.
  11. Fjacobsen

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - v1.3 - found a bug? Post it here!

    @jennyannem How about FFB fixes ? (I´m at work and cannot check myself
  12. Yes - thats also a parameter. It´s hard to use the Leaderboard estimating Your times compared to other non-assist / wheel users.
  13. I would like to see the option to sort (remove) driver entries who uses assists or sort out the various assists. It makes little sense to compare my times with people who uses various assists - maybe even full assists.
  14. Just want to thank You for the Monte Carlo Rally stages. I made a few runs with the Mini Cooper and Ford Escort and have big fun. It´s almost scary on those narrow icy roads. I finde there are too many negative posts in here and would like to cheer You up, This Rally sim is really good, but offcourse I look forward to the FFB fixes. But with the suggested file edits, found elsehwere around, I got decent FFB. Keep up the good work ☺️
  15. Fjacobsen

    Thanks for the Monte Carlo Rally stage(s) CM

    Sorry to say, but most posts I have seen in the various forums are indeed of this kind: "game is ****; Codemasters sux!!!!-, I want a refund, I will never buy a Codemaster game again". Thats not critisism, but negatism. With this kind of attitude, the devs don´t have to fix anything, cause these people (if they do what they say) are long gone from this game. It´s fully Ok to be unhappy and express it, but then better do it in a more helpfull way that highlights th exact problem, so that it can be fixed. I did not say that Codemasters shouldn´t have ensured a less buggy release version, cause I think they should. I also wonder how the FFB could be released in it´s current state. But DR2 is not unplayable (at least for me on the PC version). Physics are great, graphics are great and smooth, sounds are way better than in DR1. FFB is turned way down and not what I had expected, but with some tweaks I goto it to work more or less Ok with my Thrustmaster T150 wheel. Should we thank companies for products we have paid for ? - well we don´t have to, but this world would become rather sterile if we didn´t try to show some appreciation for the job done by the developers. A "Thank You" costs nothing.
  16. Fjacobsen

    Thanks for the Monte Carlo Rally stage(s) CM

    Honestly... Codemasters is a business. They got developers and other staff hired that needs payment. Dirt Rally 2 is a new game - ok with some old, but refurbished stages added fra the older Dirt 1. If You didn´t buy the Deluxe version, You have to pay 3,49 euro to get Monte Carlo. Where I live You cannot even get a Hotdog for that price, so please be fair. The new physics are a big step forward compared to DR1, and that was considered very good. It´s a real shame that both the Stean Forum and this forum is so filled up with negative attitudes, when in fact it's a rather big step forward. I agree that FFB should have been better on release day, but I´m sure it will be fixed soon. The trend these days are, that people have no patience at all - if something isn´t perfect from day one, then it´s trash and people start to shout "Refund I have been cheated".Calm down and give the developers the time needed to make the proper fixes and enjoy what is enjoyable until then.
  17. Fjacobsen

    Dirt Rally 2.0 is wonderful. Stop complaining!

    It seems that many are very much "Binar!" - either its very good or very bad. I agree that FFB should have been much better at release. I´m divided about the Racenet thing, cause many other games I play require internet connection to be played, but I think that singleplayer shouldn´t require an active connection. Apart from that, I find Dirt Rally 2.0 to be very good. All the gripes we had with Dirt Rally (not that many) has been addressed. We can now "feel" the weight of the cars. Under / oversteer to FWD/RWD cars feels reasonable and authentic (has never driven a real Rally car myself) and track degradation and tyre chois just adds to the immersion. I think the amount of cars available are great, we can always wish for more. The number of stages are not many, but thos we got are really well done. Only gripe here is the lack of snow / ice stages. The requirementfor paid DLC's to get the old Dirt 1 stages is less of a probelm I find. It´s only reasonable that they don´t put them in for free, since alot of work to make them Dirt Rally 2.0 ready is probablu big. Codemaster are definitly not a filantropic company, so to bring quality they also need to be paid - irritating for the customer , but necessary for a company who has to pay wages for their staff. I run Dirt Rally 2.0 o n a PC with a Thrustmaster T150 wheel. I got the FFB to work adequite, but wish that it will be enhanced. Maybe Codies in their strive to make this a true Rally sim, only wanted to give force feedback that simulates what You get through a real steering wheel driving Rally. IMy opinion (and that just mine) is that since we are limited with our senses, driving a Rally sim, siitning on a sturdy chair, with only visual (Monitor) and audible (Headphones or speakers), the wheel force feedback should enhance senses otherwise absent. We should better fell track rumble, under / oversteer etc. All in all I´m ery happy with Dirt rally 2 and wonder about all those bad comments seen on various forums and social media. It really doesn't help further this genre and is very distructive. We are only on version 1.10 and I´m sure Codemaster will fix most reported and otherwise found bugs, since this release really has the potiential to become one of the classic racing titles. Best regards Fjacobsen
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    DR 2.0 should have been delayed until June release

    I don´t get the rage against Dirt Rally 2.0. Graphics are crisp, clear and smooth on my modest system (i7 3770K 3.4 Ghz, 16 GB RAM, GTX960 OC 4GB). All stages are beautifully done, though snow and ice stages are missing. Physics are way better than any Dirt title or Dirt Rally 1 (Paper cars with no weight). Only tarmac is a tad less realistic, compared to RF2, Assetto Corsa, PC2 etc, if we can compare Rally cars with sports / GT cars. Sounds are way better. With my setup, FFB (Thrustmaster T50) is adequet, though not giving the right amount of feedback to compensate for the "feel in the pants", but probably ok if they try to simulate real feedback trough the wheel.