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  1. SeeNoWeevil

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Input on Inputs!

    I don't think I'll ever understand why every racing game I play seems to default to such massive controller deadzones. DR2.0 defaults to 20! Why? You've robbed so much accuracy from the controls, for what reason? To account for people with absolutely knackered controllers? My pad is no spring chicken and doesn't see any drift input on about 4 clicks. If your controller is seeing drift up around the 15-20 mark, then it's fit for the bin! Maybe prompt players to perform some kind of calibration on start up? The advanced settings need descriptions too. It's almost impossible to tweak these without knowing *exactly* what they're doing to the mapping between input and in-game steering. It would be useful to move the input display sliders to this page also so you can see them in real time.
  2. The current multi-channel audio implementation is pretty poor. For example, changing your view doesn't reposition the audio so everything sounds correct. Using external cameras, I have a loud exhaust blaring right behind my head, swinging side to side with the movement of the car, as if I were sitting in the car itself. You can switch between internal and external cameras and while the tone of the audio changes, the positioning itself doesn't change at all. Everything sounds like you're always sat in the cockpit. This is super jarring when using the external views, the audio is completely contradictory to what you see on screen. Thanks
  3. SeeNoWeevil

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Hope we see a street Nissan 370Z