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  1. SamReaN

    F1 2020 WISHLIST

    Yes But Wales Is A Different Country With Its Own Anthem. And Thats Why Wales Should Have It In The Game.
  2. SamReaN

    F1 2020 compatibility with ps4???

    All I Am Saying Is That I Cant Wait For The New F1 2021 Game On PS5. All The Rumours Pointing To A Complete Backwards Compatibility For The PS5. Of Course It Will All Be Revealed In February 2020.
  3. SamReaN

    F1 2020 WISHLIST

    Why Wouldn't I Hear The Welsh Anthem, If I Win The Race I Would. Or I Base My Own F1 Team In Wales And Then I Might Then. If I Could Create My Own F1 Team And Add In In Career Mode.
  4. SamReaN

    F1 2020 WISHLIST

    F1 2020 Is Going To Be An Epic Game If These Additions Were To Be Added, Well Here Is The List. F1 2010-2020 CAREER PATH: Codemasters Created F1 Games Since 09 So Why Not Have A Career That You Can Start In 2010 And Work Your Way Theough The Grid Each Season With Teams Leaving And Tracks Added Adding To The Drama Of The World Of F1. This Would Be Incredible. CREATION LAB: This Can Be A Place To Create Anything You Want And Share It To The Community. AND You Can Add Either A Custom Track To YOUR Own Career Mode To Shake Up The Calendar. Likewise If You Create Your Own Team You Can Add Your Team On The Grid In Career Mode. With Custom Liveries, Overalls And Celebrations If Your Own Driver Make It To The Podium. This Can Be A Home Of Anything Created. MORE CLASSIC CARS: OK Now We Have A LOT Of Classics But I Want More And With A Rich History Of F1 I Know Codemasters Can Add In More, The Likes Of Toyota, BMW, Jordan And Even The Famous Jaguar. I Want These Classics Return On The New F1 2020 Game. CLASSIC TRACKS: Know With Classic Tracks Its Not A Classic Per Say But With Tracks In The Past That Came And Went Away From F1 I Think That Codies Can Add In A Few For Either A Quick Race, Career Mode Or Online. Tracks Such As Turkey, India, South Korea, San Marino, Mangy Course And Plenty More. NATIONAL ANTHEMS ON THE PODIUM: Im Welsh So I Would Love To Hear My National Welsh Anthem On The Podium As The Race Winner, Whenever I Get There. I Have No Idea Why Anthems Went From F1 But I Want Them Return In Full. The Podium Seem Rushed And It Should Be Taking A Longer Time For When You Get Given A Trophy And The Celebrations After. AVATAR CREATIONS: Our Driver In The Career Mode Is OK But I Think That It Can Get Better When You Add In Hair, Beards And Tattoos, I Know Its Limited But A Few More Cut Scenes Can Show Off Your Avatar More. PRESS PEN AFTER RACES: Interviews Come And Go In Career Mode But If You Get Interviewed By Different Journalists Things Can Unravel. Your Responses Can Spark Rumours In The Paddock Or Simply Talk About The Racing In General. Having A Press Area Can Allow You To Build A Trust With The Journalists And As A Result You Can Gain Fan Support By Doing So. SOCIAL MEDIA & FAN INTERACTIONS: With Every Race You Have You Get Fans In The Stands With Your Team Colours On And Likewise With Other Drivers And Teams, But If You Do Poorly You Get A Backlash On Social Media And Your Team, Then That Will Go To The Press. And You Can Gain Support By Going To Fan Interaction Events Where You Take Selfies And Sign Autographs. And Going Further You Can Have Quick Timed Responses From The Fans. All This Would Make Career Mode The Most In-Depth Ever. VISUAL IMPROVEMENTS TO YOUR TEAM: If You Have An Upgrade Mid-Season Then You Can See It In The Car While Your Driving. Or If You Have A Thumb Nose You Have The Option To Switch It To A Mercedes Type Nose For A Better Performance. Or Add Extra Carbon Fibre On The Halo. CUSTOMISED HALO: On The Halo You Get To Place Your Own Name On The Halo And Your Social Media Info, Along With Your Car Number And Nationality. CUSTOM CELEBRATIONS ON THE PODIUM AND OUT-OF-CAR: You Get To Choose How To Celebrate A Win Or A Place On The Podium In Style. MORE IN-DEPTH DAMAGE MODEL: Now That The Next-Gen Consoles Are Coming Maybe That Will Give Codies Room For Improvements In Terms Of The Damage Model. I Want To See Your Rear Wing Fall Off If A Car Behind Rams You Or With A Slight Touch Of The Tyres It Can Puncture.
  5. F1 2020 Can Be An Epic Game With A Few Additions Of Course And With XBOX And Playstation 5 Coming Out Later In The Year Will F1 Be On Them? And Will Graphics Improve? I Hope So.
  6. I For 1 Loved Listening To The Anthems On The Podium Because I Am Welsh And Whenever I Am 1st I Loved Listening To The Welsh Anthem. I Wish Anthems Return On The Podiums In Full Because It Is Longer In Real Life Than In A F1 Game.
  7. SamReaN

    What is your driver number?

    96 because i was born in 1996
  8. SamReaN

    Codemasters New Contract with F1 !!!

    VERY Good News, Codies Have Made F1 Its Home And I Can't Wait For The Future F1 Games With The Possibilities Of Even More Customisations Such As Creating A New F1 Race Track, Your Own Designed Helmets, More In-Depth Custom Liveries, AND More Also I Want The Damage Model To Have A MASSIVE Improvement With Everything On The Car Possible To Break. ALSO Another Huge Thing I Want Especially For Playstation 5 Versions. A 1st Person Free Roam In The Paddock, Pits, Grid AND Podiums For Career Mode Interacting To Fans, Team Bosses, Liberty Media, Drivers, Pundits, Celebs AND More. I Want To Create A Race Track And Add It Into Career Mode. Creating Liveries For Each F1 Team Every Season, With New Sponsorships Offers On Each Cars.
  9. SamReaN

    Photo Mode Bug [ZX]

    will this be patched up aka fixed in the next update of the game?
  10. SamReaN

    Photo Mode Bug [ZX]

    Whenever I Access The Photo Mode On Replays The Screen Goes Dark When It's Rendering On PS4. Can Anyone At Codemasters Fix This Bug Please As I Love Making Wallpapers And This Is Not Helping At All. I Use The Shutter Speed Option To The Lowest So That It Looks Like The Cars Is Moving, But When It's Rendering The Screen Goes Nearly Black.