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  1. Wales is already available on steam (at least in germany). i gotta tell you, it drives and looks simply amazing.

    ooooh those nostalgia feels 😄


    thx codies for this gem !

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  2. 17 hours ago, Mike Dee said:

    I'm curious, was that only a few hundredths behind the My Team WR leader or the Time Trial WR leader? Those times can be very different. I'm also curious because I love the E30 and absolutely stomped the Elite AI with it in Argentina by pretty large chunks of time. So I'd be impressed if the Masters for that class got dramatically more difficult to the point they were dropping 20-30 seconds off a stage between the two difficulties (it wasn't uncommon for me to win ARG in Elite by 15+ second stages).


    Also was this a Day/Dry stage or a Night/Wet? Just trying to figure out what is causing the issues with AI the most.

    oh i didn´t know that there is a difference between MY TEAM and TIME TRIAL leaderboards. if so. i´m second behind the MY TEAM WR.

    the track was wet but no rain and daylight.

  3. Funny thing i wanted you to know:

    just finished my first stage in my second masters career. first rally is argentina.

    Stage is called something blabla ...y rocas inversa. finished the stage in a M3 e30 in 4:33 something only a few hundreds behind the WR. (2nd on leadboards)

    Guess what place i´ve got  against AI ? you´re right....17th overall. i don´t know if i should cry or burst out in laugh about this. Fastest AI finished it in 4:18.

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  4. On 4/19/2019 at 5:21 PM, SimFunny said:

    You are not at TOP 3 with 5 podiums, however can´t get points from Monte Carlo?
    So why you stopped career if only one event goes bad?

    What´s after Masters?
    Any special award for complete that?

    Just won Elite and next to Masters, however maby need some more practise before that.

    in general AI being faster than me is no problem. hey! it even gives you the right amount of spur to get faster. but seeing AI times that are outtaworldy is just super frustrating. you can´t deny that there is somehow a problem with AI that manifests in different ways. AI seems to have no problems with ice, rain, snow. etc. ooh and it seems that it´s the "super duper" godmaster of the R2 class, too. my intention is to point this out that CM hopefully can fix it or regulate the times better. also i hope that this problem doesn´t return with the sweden dlc.

    PS: i´m currently second in the masters career. monte carlo being the fifth event. This "D. Yi" seems to be still nearly unbeatable for me despite at Spain. 😄


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  5. just stopped playing masters career at monte carlo. i´m a pretty decent driver, regulary in top 10 at time trials. but what AI is capable to do at monte at masters is just ridiculous. i´ve either won the other countries or hit the podium at least. but at monte? no chance whatsoever. the ice and snow seems to have no impact at all on the AI times. it´s so frustrating. even the WR on the stages are at least 5 seconds behind the first AI driver. and let me say it clearly: i´ve always wanted a decent challenge in this game. but this is so strange.

    i really hope that this will be addressed in a further TU.

    EDIT: i´m driving in the 2000cc class

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  6. 4 minutes ago, sqdstr said:

    A bit off topic but has anyone seen the last episode of The Grand Tour from last friday?

    There's a documentary film in it that Hammond made about Jim Clark, it's such a brilliant video, very touching & emotional. It really is a must see tbh.  

    yeah i saw it on friday. very touching and emotional. it was a welcome contrast to the mainly funny side of the show.

    i really liked every second of it.


  7. 2 minutes ago, Rallystu2 said:

    Ohhh shiiiiiiii, this is getting deep.



    On another note. I think it's time for our DLC 1 locations predictions.


    I'm saying :






    yes, i can't agree more.


    Ireland : the hints

    Wales : nearly everyones favourite

    Sweden : because snow

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  8. JorritVD said:
    Subaru R4:

    Polo R5:

    Subaru 1995:

    Fiesta R5:

    Subaru RX
    is it just me or is there something odd about the sound of the polo r5 ? it misses something...

    EDIT: but it could also just be the fact that its recorded with a mobile phone ^^
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