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  1. If I select "Direct Input Device" as the controller profile in GRID2/GRID:AS the accelerator is assigned to the Y-axis. When the accelerator is released, the menus constantly scroll down. When the accelerator is flat, the menus constantly scroll up. I have to hold it at 50% to control the menus with the d-pad, and the button mappings are wrong. (Circle to accept, Square to cancel)   If I select "Keyboard" as a profile in GRID2/GRID:AS, I am able to remap all the game controls and the wheel works great in a race. Doesn't work in the menus. But every time I quit and launch the game again, the controls are reset to the default WASD keyboard controls and I have to rebind everything.   Only GRID2/GRID:AS have this problem. Aside from the d-pad not working in the menus, DiRT2, DiRT3, DiRT Rally, and Race Driver: GRID all work fine with the wheel.