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  1. Every other company using report system for catching cheaters, for exaple EA with their Battlefield. Too many times obvious aimbotter was kicked from the game and then reported by half of the server. I check his account in week - no ban. It's not due to they simply don't give a crap, but because it's hard to detect them from technical side. You have to provide very hard evidence (video with tags/names and obvious violation), it's not always you are ready with recording software to have best angles and stuff. Modern cheaters are smart lads. Only bold and obvious ones get banned but others will go unnoticed, that's for sure.
  2. Maseratti

    Grid Autosport Open Wheel vs F1 2013

    I have no idea why open wheel presented in GRID games in a first place, no matter how well it's done. If I want open wheel racing I'd go and play F1. If this would be cut from GRID, I'd be glad.
  3. While VAC may reduce number of cheaters temporarly, it cannot help to completely get rid of them, and in time they will find new way to avoid VAC (obviously not best anti-cheat in the world). Cheating in racing games is pretty easy from technical side. I wouldn't expect PC game without cheaters, its clos to impossible. I have many online games on PC but I cannot name single one where this poblem is not present, in some games it really gets out of hand.  For fair online gaming I'd advice buying this game on console, it's the only way have fun, though I'm PC gamer myself. Sad but true.
  4. Maseratti

    GRID AUTOSPORT REVIEW // Vote in your score!

    Give me detailed cockpit with working dashboard and mirrors and game gets 100/100. I can't stomach features that have been brutally torn out from the first game (older one) and never fully developed in current, though it has been advertised. Feels a like a spoof...
  5. Maseratti

    Controller vs. Wheel

    Where's the keyboard option?xD
  6. Maseratti

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    Actually it doesn't look so good. Dashboard is too blurry, I barely can see some indicators and numbers, though mirror view is great. Texture quality is okay, and great AA, I almost haven't noticed any jagged textures. There's also too much motion blur and camera shaking, at some stages sun is too bright, fix it please. Until you won't patch all this - no buy, sorry.
  7. Maseratti

    QOTW: Which is the best DiRT game?

    I love all DiRT games except Showdown with all my heart, all games had its pros and cons but to judge absolutely objectively - DiRT3 wins in this contest hands down. Sure there are more counties in DiRT2, and there are some longer rally tracks in DiRT1 with a bit more rally focus but in the end DiRT3 is better because of weather conditions - rain/snow/wet/sunny, it affects driving very much, good car choices (IMO) and the most importantly - balance, which was a bit off in DiRT1 and 2. In DiRT3 there are no cars which are the best and only choice in its class, all depends on your style and through tuning you can adapt it very well for yourself. Also many will disagree but Gymkhana is gameplay variety, I had some real fun in Battersea, though this mode shouldn't be in Rally tour, having it as separate challenge is best choice, though we can easily live without Gymkhana. Still DiRT3 is the best. Hope DiRT4 will continue this marvelous tradition and won't fall to Showdown or GRID2 level.
  8. Maseratti

    Camera Angle Feedback

    Just fix bloody cockpit already, and be done with it...
  9. Maseratti

    DiRT 3 - DiRT 2 Cars MOD (2nd update coming soon!)

    Awesome mod, just tested. Cars behave as they should, they respond to tuning, cover in mud/snow/rain correctly, have additional lights in night races and liveries working well, though some have a bit sluggish controls, but I'm able to tune them alright. As you said, on first launch textures are messed up, but on re-launch everything is fine both exterior and interior, but I noticed that default cars start to have texture problem (they look solid coloured), maybe it's just me, but it looks like game can't handle both mod cars and official ones. When I launch game having stock car selected, modded ones get messed textures again. All new cars are in new menu named "GR.N" as it should I guess? Also I haven't figured a way to make it work with ACAT. In order to work with last official DLC I had to alter database_restrictions.xml, in this mod no such file exists. Any hints on what do I need to change in database will be appreciated. Do you plan to work on this mod any further?  And if you give your permission I would like to upload this mod in foreign gaming community as it is (without any changes from my side) with giving your credit (of course) and link to this page. P.S. Having Nissan 350Z and Mitsubishi Eclipse in DIRT3 was like a dream for me, thanks for this mod, great job. It rocks!
  10. Maseratti

    Offline awesome , Online sucks !!!

    I don't like playing racings online due to problems described above, but only positive experience I had was in Trackmania and only becuase of no collision, but that's stupid for GDID type or races anyway. And whow, I had no idea flashback were usable online too, didn't checked yet, I don't use them even offline, but that's some real BS here...
  11. Maseratti

    No WEATHER effetcs in GRID Autosport?

    Signed. Dirt definitely has weather!! Although I still agree :) Dirt3 had weather conditions but they were totally cosmetic. Weather didn't affect the handling in this game, thus It s***** balls, like the rest of the game did too tbh, why negate such fact. Well, its totally isn't cosmetic for me, car handling is much more slippery on wet dirt than dry one, not to mention some icy areas in Monte Carlo rally stages where cars just slide sideways...
  12. Maseratti

    I Just Want To Say Thanks....

    If I had Xbox I would just buy Forza and never looked GAS way... Seriously now, RD:GRID had almost everything we needed, but GAS is basically the same game with little altered driving physics and terrific to non - cockpit view, so you can say we lost some features over time, I just can't live with that... GAS can be branded very good (arcade) racing on PC only for now, because we don't have any modern racing of this quality, but it could be so much better, so much...
  13. Maseratti

    To many complaints !!!!!

    I don't think it's a case of CM screwing up per se. I believe it's a lack of time that lead to that decision being made. Fine, but no word on it from Codies? Releasing single texture pack shouldn't be too hard for them since game is live. We can wait, but need some info if they planning working on it or not...
  14. Maseratti

    To many complaints !!!!!

    GAS is truly big step foward, atleast from GRID2 that is, but I still can't believe how CM could screw up cockpit view that much in 2014 game... Give it back/fix it (along with few minor issues) and this would be one of the best racing games ever made.
  15. Maseratti

    Beg for DiRT 4 to CM

    tbh I either have no hope for Project c.a.r.s being decent game, it more looks like some kind of benchmark to me and Slightly Mad Studios don't have a single decent racing that can back up my hope, both Shifts were just terrific abominations, not arcades and definitely not sims with inadequate physics, no proper damage model, input lags (unacceptable thing for racing), and whatnot. CM at least have really good and quality games released, both sims and aracades. I hope their investors aren't too blind to see feedback on their races with twists like Showdown with GRID2 and poor sales of those products. Pushing DiRT like F1 model would be my dream, though most of us have nothing left but to dream...