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  1. Dear forum-goers! Those of you that frequent the site and/or follow me on Twitter will know I have left the building (so to speak). I've little desire in debating the reasons for my leaving, what did/did not happen in the Formula One series over the years and why certain decisions were taken - that can perhaps come at a much later date and outside of this forum. For what it's worth I decided to resign even though F1 could be on the cusp of being bigger than it has ever been before. I want the F1 team, in particular the guys I spent many years working with, to take future games in the directio
  2. I kind of left six months ago when I started to work in a different role outside of the F1 team. But then I was asked to go back into it and by that time I had my head turned by another opportunity. Such is life. Though like I've said, leaving F1 2015 is very difficult for me as it feels like they are on to something special and I was there from the very start when we were defining what it'd be. It'll probably be the best game yet and I'll look like an idiot for leaving! (not unusual, I know). As for the series becoming stale - Major step forwards in terms of core game features (e.g. Career) I
  3. I don't think even I would remove a feature that existed for the sake of it (it's more work to remove it than to leave it as is). As I've said previously - it came down to QA testing new elements versus having to cover the entire race weekend (which, when tested repeatedly as these things are, takes countless hours of time from multiple people). I didn't like it at the time, I don't like it now. But I'd still make the same choice because the new elements were more popular than all the practice sessions. I've also said the entire race weekend is an incredibly valid goal (we had it from the
  4. I thought I'd pop in and correct one thing. Never have I blamed the development team for anything. They've been brilliant for the series and have been wonderful to me during my time here. I'd work with them all anywhere (if they'd have me!). When I said we needed development staff I meant to fill the open roles we're seeking people for so I'm sorry if what I said left that open to interpretation.  I'm fine with people speculating as to why I'm leaving, saying it's all my fault (whatever elements you didn't like) and so on, that kind of comes with the territory.
  5. Yes, I know what formats we're releasing on. If I didn't by this stage I don't think I'd be here for much longer :) And no, we can't reveal what formats we're releasing on just yet. That's news. We're not yet in a position to reveal any. In recent weeks we thought we'd have said something by now and were indeed geared up to do so. When we do reveal we'd like it to be as clear to you all as possible. 
  6. Things can sometimes change. But you can't really say you'd do any differently when you don't know why the news hasn't yet been released. Sure, it's frustrating for you guys, but we're not withholding for fun. I suspect I cannot do anything to appease anyone right now other than release news. If I say nothing people will get upset, if I try to explain what little I'm able to people will get upset. 
  7. What is your name on Twitter? I try to respond to as many questions as and when I can but if I've a load of messages asking the same thing I don't reply to each and every one of them. And lets be honest, everyone thinks their questions are legitimate :) As for the delay in news, we're not trying to create suspense. We can't always tell you what is going on as some things are not for the public domain. If we tell people that we have no update on when we can reveal any news we're then invariably asked if we're going to supply news this week, next week, on some random guys birthday you name it. A
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