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  1. bigmike20vt

    Changing username?

    thanks for the info :)
  2. bigmike20vt

    PC DiRT2 GFWL stuff

    ahh ok, so there are no issues saving etc like with Batman AA?  To be honest i was wondering if it would get ported over to steam online code and all! That reminds me however, I best get a move on with my F1 2011 co-op season. thanks for your thoughts guys.
  3. bigmike20vt

    Next Gen

    I picked PC.  I am sure it was in jest however I did shudder at the master race bit however. :( Completely disappointed with the weak specs of both of the "next gen" consoles however so I didnt have much choice, they are struggling to hit 60fps / 1080p. I will miss some of the exclusive titles however, but free online and way cheaper games more than make up for it over all..
  4. bigmike20vt

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    I hope pretty much none of the "skillz" type stuff that was in showdown, / gymkhana in DiRT3 make it into DiRT4. I am kind of hoping that now the franchise has split, all that stuff is kept for showdown 2, and that will mean more racing content for DiRT4. Whether this is going back to the Colin McRae Rally roots, or keeping with the truck racing etc I actually do not mind - I love both - I am just not a fan (aka really dislike) anything along the lines of tony hawks skateboarding / 1080p snowboarding / gymkhana type style games, or random "party" games modes. in terms of handling, I actually really like the handing model of the cars in DiRT2 and 3, but if it chose to go a little more sim that is fine too. Carrying over damage accross multiple races would be pretty cool as well. ***but for goodness sake bring back the dashboard view, I was gutted GRiD2 ditched that***
  5. bigmike20vt

    Changing username?

    Hi Is it possible to change the username on our account? My current one is based around my xbox profile, however now my xbox has been put out to pasture, moving forward I would rather use my PC gamer tag Thanks Mike
  6. bigmike20vt

    PC DiRT2 GFWL stuff

    Hi I love DiRT2!  the 3rd game is ok but for me the highlight so far has been DiRT2. When GFWL gets show down this summer, what will happen to this game? Thanks Mike