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  1. Interestingly, this rain issue appears only for particular players. For most it looks ok. Personally I never experienced it (VR/Vive). But there are reports over the forum from non-VR and VR users. My guess is it might depends on chosen resolution (maybe aspect ratio) or gfx settings. Devs might give an idea what is responsible for such rain animation. But never did so far
  2. true. and at the same time it makes impossible to record this replay in classic 2D mode. BTW both those features were included to Dirt Rally
  3. I think you should provide them URL link to this discussion. And they (devs, monitoring team etc) should monitor the system. It's obvious we are not talking about issues of single persons but it's about general problem with RaceNet instead. Yes, it's not up to you. You can do nothing. But it's getting to be kinda obvious that nobody in dev department cares (or there are other priorities) about reliability of this part of the system. Or... it's f* up development/architecture-wise to the extent that it's impossible to fix it, lets say without huge investments (ie time to deliver). On
  4. @PJTierney you are mentioning only bigger outages. Can't you see that those problems appears constantly every day? Yet don't know you do it with intention. Could you comment on constant, repeatable ever-day problems with connectivity?
  5. +1 to that And in addition make result boards consistent because stage results shows different names than championship results
  6. Thank you. You are over here long enough to see those problems reappears for a year now. dev team activitites in order to fix the issue rolls too slow (or wrong direction). Effectively there is no improvements. I would say there are more outages recently then in the past.
  7. Are you analyzing outages weeks after the event? Really? Do you even consider an outage as critical issue? There was another big outage of your services a few days ago. Maybe it could have been avoided...
  8. I got information from my coleagues that RaceNet is working while my game constantly rejects any attempt of connection. I risked it and I haven't DQed from event. It means that the game it self can stuck in infinity loop of failing connection attempts, even if racenet is up and running again. Why it doesn't surprise me. Valuable info for others: if stage results are saved successfully (just before showing results table after finishing the stage) and you now that the next stage begins with a service, no additional server transaction is needed for committing to service. So in case of
  9. Yeah.. don't know what to expect since even returning to menu (from replay menu) makes the game to attempt to connect servers. really ****** situation. Left without any help from CM. Just question: does racenet works for others right now? Can you guys play it? If yes, then it means the game itself has stucked because of temporary connection problems.
  10. After 19hours (after sleep and returning from work) still cannot succeed with retry. I'm able to go back to the menu with replay, have two options: retire from event (definitely don't want to) and return to menu. But even selecting this one, game tries to connect servers and fails with known message and 3 options: retry, return to menu (with warning about loosing progress) and back. Yeah.. I passed result screen, results are recorded in racenet. But still not sure I can return to menu (or kill the game) without loosing progress.
  11. Thanks. Can I safely go to menu if next stage starts with service? (results from recent stage has been stored, I can see them on web). Or I need to load service to be safe and then jump out to of the game? I left DR2 running whole night in order to allow game to connect servers once it will be possible. 8:30 CET. Still cannot connect servers. I'm monitoring how you do monitoring. This service quality is second to none.
  12. After an hour and half, no change. cm system on the knees. @PJTierneywhere is the "we are monitoring" team? Fatality guys.
  13. anybody knows what is the BACK button for on this connection issue screen? I'm stuck after stage just before service. I had option to go to menu or coninue. I chose continue and now I'm waiting to not loose progress. ***
  14. at 23:00 CET connection failed after finished one of the stages of championship. It's getting pathetic guys. But most important we have brand new game manual... year after release.
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