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  1. MaXyMsrpl

    Too short finishes

    To stop safely in finish zone?
  2. MaXyMsrpl

    Too short finishes

    Who said a finish line must be crossed with full throttle?
  3. MaXyMsrpl

    End of bug fixes

    Probably your opinion is different than mine. For me provided FFB is sub-optimal - then to me it's a game-braker. Also if a game contains bugs which can influence my performance, destroying an effort of being competitive, which is the purpose of all racing/rally games, right? - then it's a game-breaker. Yes, it's rally simulation, not rally event simulator, or team one. Therefore a feedback given by game - mix of FFB, gfx and sound cues - is most important thing it provides. Without them, you can even cannot properly judge implemented physics. If one of those things is broken (or provided with insufficient quality) then from overall simulation point of view it's a game-breaker. Regardless the program (the game) works, and some players accept its defects.
  4. MaXyMsrpl

    End of bug fixes

    Looks like depends on expectations of how the title will be used. If someone uses it like one of hundreds games form a collection, then yes - quality of FFB, or disabling sound in the middle of the stage really doesn't matter. At worst he restart the game or run another one. But for people for whom simracing/rimrally is a serious hobby, full of organized schedules, leagues etc, those issues are game breakers. And it's not unexpected since quality FFB as well as sound directly affects driver performance. No mentioning disappointment itself of getting half-baked product for full price.
  5. MaXyMsrpl

    Bring Paul Coleman to lead Dirt Rally 2.0

    One of the last words Paul said behalf of CM was a confirmation that D4 physics is somehow bad, and promise they will work on it. Then nothing happened. While I know not delivering the fix might been not his fault, it made his creditability to be lost. At least to me. Saying that I'm sure, the quality of a product doesn't depend on single person. Probably there are strategic decisions involved. Maybe this is the reason why he decided to leave CM.
  6. MaXyMsrpl

    WE NEED A RE-LAUNCH - let's brainstorm!

    What about CM needs to realise there are consequences to their actions? But to be fair, nobody have to realise anything. It is the free market.
  7. MaXyMsrpl

    Everything frustrating with Dirt Rally 2

    Good point. But it has been answered already Unfortunately electronic distribution allows devs/publishers to profit from sub-optimal releases. Long-tail is long enough
  8. MaXyMsrpl

    Post-release community engagement and support

    They had directly acknowledged grip issue in D4. Not even in written form, but in video interview. And what? They never got back to this subject. Never answered for the same question after. Nothing has been fixed at the end. Also, the fact people constantly asking for status of "well known issues" means, that communication is not clear enough. Answering on random question in random places I wouldn't call a proper communication/support. And as others I really don't understand what happened. They had DR1, almost perfect product. It was enough to add new locations, improve physics. But it looks like DR2 is forked from other piece of software. Unfortunately a buggy one. It cannot be other way considering issues with controllers, sound, HDR etc. Who and why made such decision? Decision which makes customer base unhappy, which impacts sales? And please: do no rise argument, that nowadays sims are very complex software. Because complex doesn't implies uncontrolled development.
  9. IMO @ChristinaMc confirmed a week ago that FFB fix will come this week. So you are right only if next patch will arrive in a few days (which is highly unlikely)
  10. MaXyMsrpl

    DR 2.0 - One Month Later

    Respect is not meant to be given for free. It has to be deserved. I wouldn't say that releasing half-baked product (regardless it's nowadays trend) is enough reason to get respect. However I cannot see disrespect in posts. Commenting the situation is not a sign of disrespect. BTW 'Community Manager' is a role dedicated to communicate with community. Unfortunately I cannot say Christina manages anything. She is doing PR instead, ie she is stepping in only when there are positive things to say, otherwise stays mute.
  11. MaXyMsrpl

    DR 2.0 - One Month Later

    Just wondering how is it possible to judge handling if FFB doesn't work as should be? Also how Jon was helping in physics development if there was no proper FFB. Another thing comes to my mind. During DR1 development (and post-release), CM was communicating intensively, publishing more or less technical blog posts. To me it's obvious they chose the same communication model known from D4. It's not promising...
  12. MaXyMsrpl

    How to get refund

    It't a bulshit. Unfortunately it's being repeated to death by people who justify issues, including serious ones. And it's not valid only in simulation games domain. Games are not more complicated than 10 years ago. Games contain more content which is more detailed. It might be covered by more developers - at the end there are money for that because games are sold in many more copies today than years ago (read below) Unless game developer does a serious research (like in case of GrandPrixLegends or iRacing) complexity of games are more or less same than years ago. For instance D4 or DR2 contain nothing new in physics department which would support your thesis (the fact cars are heavier doesn't imply changes in physics engine, just different parametrization). But for some reason, both mentioned titles seems to be worse than their predecessor. Also, most games are not being written from scratch nowadays. In fact developer re-uses a lot of parts like gfx, sound, physics engines and game infrastructure. So it's expected consecutive titles to be better than predecessors. If it's opposite, than something went wrong. If so, then the answer is: money. It shouldn't be surprising that every investor tries to maximize his profit. If players are happy to buy unfinished game, then be it. And this is the point given by OP. If you consider today's outreach thanks to electronic distribution, you likely can figure out, that the project can be sold in enough copies for revenue, even if some significant percentage of initial target is not satisfied with a quality. Add policies which makes almost impossible (for most players) to refund a game. And you can have an image confirming the reason why games are such low quality nowadays. BTW if it's almost impossible to make a finished and bug free game, it should be clearly stated in game advertisement, description etc. Once the game is advertised as finished, nothing justifies bugs and lacks. Again: its't not only CM or Dirt issue. A lot of games suffer the same disease. And I don't understand a silent consent given by a lot of player to that state. because there is no guarantee that the game will be patched ever? Like Dirt4 for example?
  13. MaXyMsrpl

    Darkness and rain all the time

    BTW, when you play, do you ensure to have dimmed light in your room? It's obvious that lit room makes dark in-game environment unplayable. If you playing night stage, ensure you are sitting in a dark room. It should be rule of thumb. If you don't believe, think about turning on a cabin light during driving at night. Who tried it already knows it impacts visibility significantly (and cabin light is way weaker than room light)
  14. MaXyMsrpl

    Into Darkness

    Because in real life headlights are barely visible during a day. Simply they are weaker even than diffused light present in shaded areas.
  15. MaXyMsrpl

    Test Footage of the Patch Beta Leaked!!!

    No.. it's you used to games with wide FOV (moslty arcade ones) The low angle of FOV makes the feeling slow. But it's realistic in fact. 100km/h must not look like a jump into hyperspace. BTW the same objectives have been raised for DR2. Devs changes FOV into more realistic direction which triggered a wave of complaints.