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  1. MaXyMsrpl

    Letter to Santa | Year 2 Rally Spec

    Considering differences between DR1 and DR2 I wouldn't say those are subsequent versions of one game. it seems like both are written from scratch with different features, bugs etc. See how many features were included into DR1 while missing in DR2.
  2. MaXyMsrpl

    Letter to Santa | Year 2 Rally Spec

    Dear Satan... ehm.. Santa I don't care about new cars nor locations. I wish the major issues to be fixed: like improper steering wheel rotation scaling. But TBH I'm too old to believe in you. Your character is over-rated giving nothing but false advertisement (aka disappointment).
  3. And since CM bought SMS you might expect even more baits, broken promisses , unfinished features and so on
  4. MaXyMsrpl

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.10 VR Feedback

    it is something similar to smoke coming from an engine. it's not rendered when you have are looking ahead. Once you turn the head a bit, fragments of smoke appears.
  5. MaXyMsrpl

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.10 Bug Reports

    btw look at a distance the road surface is lit. It's too short for rally beams. I would say it's shorter than street low beams
  6. MaXyMsrpl

    Sweden whiteout

    @ianism Why didn't you attach video with earthquake, volcano eruption or flood? How many times you've seen rally in conditions where driver wasn't able to distinguish a road from banks? My original post is not about fog or snowing. It's about white road surface surrounded by banks of the same colour. Even on video you attached the visibility of the road boundaries is better than in my video
  7. MaXyMsrpl

    DiRTy Gossip

    and nobody wants a tester who repeatably points to serious, still unfixed problems 😉
  8. MaXyMsrpl


    I wouldn't bet on any ffb changes anymore.
  9. MaXyMsrpl

    DiRTy Gossip

    into 3 left tighten? I really wonder who the hell wrote those peacenotes. A cyclist? I could understand single mistake but there are too many places called completly wrong way.
  10. MaXyMsrpl

    VR and heavy weather big problems

    @koog2003Please provide video from your end then attach my video from out discussion in Dirty Gossip thread to make comparison possible. If there are real differences, I wouldn't be surprised if this is the result of different gfx settings (ie resolution or anything else). I can then provide you my settings.
  11. MaXyMsrpl

    DiRTy Gossip

    Isn't the Earth flat? 😉
  12. MaXyMsrpl

    WRC 8 vs DiRT Rally 2.0

    It's only assumption. PJ already proved several times that some reports were never checked. There is no serious workflow of processing reported issues. IN result almost any report is left without feedback. In addition, in case of problems with fundamental functionality, CM not only haven't delivered a fix, but stopped to respond at all. I don't know situation with WRC, maybe it has less major issues so they don't need to communicate interactively. But IMO CM doesn't treat us like serious customers. I admit, it's way better comparing to SMS, at least in an attitude during communication. But since the forum is rather community one more than support one, I cannot feel it to be CM provided service.
  13. MaXyMsrpl

    WRC 8 vs DiRT Rally 2.0

    not only Subaru. It affects all cars except of those with rotation equal to R5 cars. It's reported already. But next report is welcome.
  14. Don't think, adapt instead. It's same as in real life.
  15. I know Finland is pretty fast. But I wouldn't say the fog makes it unplayable (as you can see below) I admit there is fog layer... but as I said, I didn't find it critical to drive fast. Below you can see my the first attempt a few days ago, recorded from Vive (I know, it doesn't translate what I my eyes can see in Vive)