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  1. MaXyMsrpl

    The DiRT Roadbook

    So the strategy is to earn money for any cost: to develop underperforming solution on competition platform, to develop limited version on own platform, therefore push customers to buy incomplete package or buy the game twice. I'm going to simplify things but if someone intentionally decided to make such mess just to earn a few bucks then it's cheating on customers. I don't care about FB image but I care about CM creditability, which is being impacted for sure. And of course I cannot agree with such practices from a customer standpoint.
  2. MaXyMsrpl

    The DiRT Roadbook

    At first I've seen no official information about who was involved in development. But importantly, do you think FB is interested in providing incomplete game while a competition offers full game in a whole glory? It causes damage to all parties, doesn't it? Or I'm obviously missing something.
  3. MaXyMsrpl

    The DiRT Roadbook

    I never imagined that distribution platform could ever afford putting on such constraints. In my understanding Steam and Oculus stores are just "stores". if it is true, why CM would bother with Oculus Store version? they making harm to own trademark this ways. Especially they have SteamVR platform working. providing Oculus Sdk support to Steam version seems better idea than publishing in Oculus Store game stripped out from major features.
  4. MaXyMsrpl

    Steer lock per car

    understand. I didn't say it's not important. Just wanted to know your reasons. Having such list for learning or validation purposes makes sense. question if CM feels confident enoughpublishing such data 😉
  5. MaXyMsrpl

    The DiRT Roadbook

    Maybe I'm wrong, but Oculus Store is not closed ecosystem. It's still a PC platform game. I cannot imagine such game being disallowed to connect any internet endpoint directly (ie RaceNet) It seems to me like business decision. It's like some game devs says they cannot do cross platform standings because of it's technically impossible (ie PC2) while other games have crossplatform results.
  6. MaXyMsrpl

    DR 2.0 Graphic Hitching w/ Wheel Plugged In

    interesting, why games do periodic pooling at all? for example DR1 was not able to recognize a controller device connected after the game start. moreover, if you run DR1 with ie steering wheel turned off, the game looses all controller settings. so after restart with controller enabled this tame you need to setup all mappings again. Just to repeat it's how it behaves in DR1. I don't how DR2 solves it. Speaking about the tool, in VRfps I noticed some spikes, fortunately without serious impact. But I will check the tool too. seems interesting. Can the game recognize changes in controllers when this tool is running, lets say when you go into controller settings section?
  7. MaXyMsrpl

    Steer lock per car

    why do you need the list? having soft lock on the game should take care about it without further actions. However I found, with default settings, my 900 degree steering wheel never matches in-game one. To match them had to set saturation to 75. I've checked it with Impreza95, Focus01 (both 270 degree each direction), Fiesta R5 (200 degree) and some old-timer (almost 360 degree). the issue with saturation I have described in tech support section. Anyway, once I set the saturation, the game makes rotation of my TX and in-game wheel matching each other.
  8. MaXyMsrpl

    Non-VR as default in DR2.0

    interesting is, if I trying to run DR2 from list of recently run ones, Steam informs me, that I'm trying to run BR game in 2D mode. At the same time, in Steam library, game start button has title "run in VR" allowing to start in VR mode. So I have to go to library always. Curious why recent list doesn't work
  9. if loosing track of such important relationships is easy, then you have sub-optimal development workflow or architecture (or both). Are you insisting games are complex? You have no idea how simply they are comparing to other software. But only game developers go for such cheap excuses - fortunately flaws in games have no serious impact to people health and live therefore nobody cares.
  10. MaXyMsrpl

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    true, but leaving a road and going around natural or artificial obstacles go get a gain is prohibited by general rule.
  11. MaXyMsrpl

    How to play DR2.0 career with no bonuses?

    @caerphoto fair enough. Just please take into account games are in overall kinda "ehh whatever" things... in the meaning of cheap entertainment. Should we ignore all issues then? I hope devs will use such argument against us Another thing is, every of us evaluates importance of thing differently. You could doesn't care about the issue while why for other one the issue is really annoying. Implying that the latter's stance is less important than yours shouldn't be a part of argumentation. it's just unfair.
  12. MaXyMsrpl

    How to play DR2.0 career with no bonuses?

    I think guys you missing OP's point. Games have been invented to challenge a player. players usually buy games to be challenged, getting a reward in form of collecting game achievement as well as self-satisfaction (dopamine etc) . Lowering demands needed to achieve a game goal, lowers value of the reward. As simply as that. From this pov I also don't get, why dev is trying to make a game less challenging,l. Maybe they think this feature is awaited. It would be strange if majority of players prefers this way (lower reward from playing a game). It's against a game idea. It's like getting a fun from a win over go-carts driving F1. you are guys not serious saying that everything is OK just because there is an workaround, are you?
  13. MaXyMsrpl

    Dirt rally 2.0 dx12

    what you need dx12 for?
  14. I took listed cars above and additionally some old car (the first on the list) to DirtFish Focus'01 and Subaru'95 have virtual rotation: -/+ 270* Fiesta R5 has virtual rotation about -/+ 200* (read message at the bottom) this old guy has virtual rotation about -/+ 340* I can match rotation of all those cars with my steering wheel with saturation set to 75% Now I'm actually happy. Question remains: why 75%? I would expected 100%. Especially since it's default. Why it's needed at all? For proper rotation a calibration of steering wheel should be enough. PS. it's quite interesting... I'm sure the wheel of Fiesta R5 was not matching my wheel 2 days ago when saturation was set to 75. But it was in career rally. Is it possible that not upgraded Fiesta R5 has different rotation range? Right now I'm getting the same rotation in rally as well as in DirtFish. Maybe some other corner case...
  15. MaXyMsrpl

    DiRTy Gossip

    or make them default to avoid need of setting them in each service area 😉 Yeah I know, It's not the goal op is asking for. Anyway, doesn't current tire wear rate reflect real life? I cannot imagine softs lasting 5km only. so another solution comes to mind is making stages/events longer and limiting number of tires