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  1. I hope you guys will help to identify the exact place. There is a place in Australia, with pretty fast jump followed by left turn (probably 4 or 5). For unknown reason the navigator (English) suggests to stay left on jump. Obviously it makes impossible to enter incoming turn properly.
  2. This is what I see in a Internet browser instead of Community/Clubs results
  3. ...or its related to servers reliability issues we are facing recent days. The fact you never experienced any issue doesn't mean the products is free of obvious and irritating bugs (year after the release)
  4. Answer is likely No. From my 9 months experience with DR2, they always figuring out problems on Mondays. And we will be lucky if they fix it tomorrow, because there were situations in the past lasting days even if no weeks. In general I'm not against single player dependant on servers connectivity but current situation doesn't allow to play SP at all. And it's serious CM's **** up.
  5. correct "failed to load clubs" Browsing clubs via web browser fails often too. dev tools shows that 2kB of data loads 30s. I really cannot imagine how the system can fail to retrieve a few records (single club main page as example)
  6. Spotted huge difference in RPM indicators in Subaru R4. This car has 2 additional indicators (next to default gauge). LEDs on steering wheel column and LCD display in the middle of the cockpit. When LEDs shows full RPM, LCD is somewhere in the half range. By driving the car I'm confident to say LCD is correct. It means LEDs are wrong.
  7. PC, VR (but confirmed in nonVR PC too) Steering wheel doesn't calibrate properly for all cars. It calibrates for 540 degree steering lock cars (ie R5 class). But don't match cars with other steering locks. To reproduce: Steering wheel controller set up for maximum lock (mine offers 900 degree). calibrate in-game enable in-game steering lock make sure linearity and saturation are default enable animated steering wheel in cockpit load any R5 car - compare steering wheels rotation (animated and controller) - they do match load Subaru Impreza 97. Steering wheels rotation don't match. Change saturation to 75 - it makes steering wheels match for this Subaru. but obviously R5 will not match anymore.
  8. Hello all after some while Graphical representation of steering wheel doesn't match steering wheel controller. I narrowed it down to the following facts: By default, after controller calibration with 100% steering axis saturation, it matches perfectly cars like Ford Fiesta R5 WRC and all other cars with the same steering lock. Once I jump into a car with different steering lock I need to modify saturation to match both wheels. For example Subaru Impreza 97 requires 75% of saturation. It's obvious changing saturation changes also a feeling of a car. I found that setting saturation to make visualization matching the controller makes car better to drive. Which indirectly might prove that indeed changing saturation is needed. Unfortunately it's cumbersome especially in game modes in which changing cars is part of the game. For example Colin McRae campaign. This mode doesn't even offer option to trst a track before actual race which I usually use to match wheels. Also as playing in VR discrepancy between visible steering wheel rotation and muscle memory doesn't help. I have reported this issue months ago assuming it's a bug. Right now this thing did not improve. So maybe the problem is on my end? Any one experienced the same? Can anyone help me to get consistent steering wheel rotation across all cars? I'm using TX steering wheel set in driver to 900*. Calibrated in the game, Soft Lock in game enabled. with regards
  9. MaXyMsrpl

    Letter to Santa | Year 2 Rally Spec

    Considering differences between DR1 and DR2 I wouldn't say those are subsequent versions of one game. it seems like both are written from scratch with different features, bugs etc. See how many features were included into DR1 while missing in DR2.
  10. MaXyMsrpl

    Letter to Santa | Year 2 Rally Spec

    Dear Satan... ehm.. Santa I don't care about new cars nor locations. I wish the major issues to be fixed: like improper steering wheel rotation scaling. But TBH I'm too old to believe in you. Your character is over-rated giving nothing but false advertisement (aka disappointment).
  11. And since CM bought SMS you might expect even more baits, broken promisses , unfinished features and so on
  12. it is something similar to smoke coming from an engine. it's not rendered when you have are looking ahead. Once you turn the head a bit, fragments of smoke appears.
  13. btw look at a distance the road surface is lit. It's too short for rally beams. I would say it's shorter than street low beams
  14. MaXyMsrpl

    Sweden whiteout

    @ianism Why didn't you attach video with earthquake, volcano eruption or flood? How many times you've seen rally in conditions where driver wasn't able to distinguish a road from banks? My original post is not about fog or snowing. It's about white road surface surrounded by banks of the same colour. Even on video you attached the visibility of the road boundaries is better than in my video