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  1. FidelGastro

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Well I've been playing this game on and off for almost two weeks now and I've grown accustomed to it even the over aggressive AI. It certainly looks a lot better after downloading the hi res texture pack and there are a lot of elements I enjoy about the game and a lot which still irritate me no end. Of all the disciplines I find touring cars the most enjoyable and drifting the least. I wish I could progress through my career without having to touch it, it is a complete waste of time and effort. I play on a PC on medium difficulty with all driver assists off except ABS and use cockpit view (which still looks a ghastly mess I might add) and I've found the endurance cars a real handful if you use a wheel, I tried using one of those silly console controllers and the car is much easier to control but when you have a G27 steering wheel it kinda defeats the purpose of having one.There are a lots of things Codies got right with this game (like the touring and street racing) but there are also some very questionable decisions like the inclusion of the relentlessly boring, fiddly, time wasting drifting discipline and the clumsy American Muscle Car handling.Overall I'm pretty happy with it but still feel I should've waited for the Steam sale before dropping the dosh on it.
  2. FidelGastro

    PC Patch // GRID Autosport // 9th July

    Well they've listed a whole lot of meaningless things here. Not one of those things affected 0.1% of the players but they haven't touched the more important things like the crappy blurry cockpit view and the fact that you're driving a boat, not a car that won't even track straight if you're using a steering wheel, nothing but highly exaggerated over/understeering mess and the fact the AI are driving Abrams M1A2 tanks that can't be nudged out of the way and won't even let you pass if they're being overlapped. I'm afraid they're missing the 'boat' badly here.
  3. FidelGastro

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    I've been playing the game for about a week now and although I enjoy it on the whole it's not as good as I thought it might be. The things I'm most disappointed with are the 6/7 year old graphics especially the crude, blurred, blacked out mirrors from the cockpit view, this has absolutely no place in todays games especially in light of the new more powerful consoles, if the devs couldn't do a reasonably decent job they should've left that view out altogether. It's actually insultingI'm also disappointed with a lot of the inane camera views in replay mode especially when you view from a camera close to the cars bodywork all you see is a pixelated mess of sponsors decals, again there's absolutely no excuse for this in this day and age.The cars handling overall is not that great but seeing this is supposed to be a mixture of sim and arcade I can get around that but the cars still tend to float too much without much feel then switch abruptly from oversteer to understeer and visa versa.I like aggressive AI and don't mind being nudged or jostled because I do the same but this is ridiculous, it's supposed to be a racetrack for heavens sake, not a battlefield and the AI driving their Abrams M1A2's cannot be nudged or bumped out of the way while purposely parking on your line but as soon as they cut across your bows... that's it. Codies try's to get around this by giving us replays but that's got real old real quick and it's about time that feature (if you can call it that) was consigned to the graveyard, I've never used it and never will, it's not part of racing and should never have been there in the first place.What I do like is the selection of cars, tracks and disciplines apart from drifting which I don't construe as motorsport but rather showing off can also curl up and die as far as I'm concerned but I realise it is popular among a lot of people. I wouldn't mind in the least if Codies took a leaf out of EA's book and made it a DLC purchase then I wouldn't have to waste my time or money on it and Codies could've made a bit more money on the game.Apart from that I quite like the game but I should've waited until it went on sale on Steam instead of buying it so soon.
  4. That's gotta be the most hardcore setup I've ever seen. Wish I had the space for that! (and the eyesight, I'd need at least 32" screens for that setup because my eyesight's so sucky.)If I had a setup like that I'd need at least 32 screens never mind 32" screens
  5. So I can safely assume you don't go for racing games in a big way.:D Just kidding, it looks expensive.
  6. FidelGastro

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Well I've just started playing Autosport and I'm quite enjoying it so far but the EGO engine Codies uses is long, long past it's sell by date. While it may have been cutting edge back in '98, it's now '14. I don't even bother to look at the replays because the graphics are torture on the eyes and not to mention the lousy camera angles. I reinstalled NFS Shift 2 Unlimited recently and that game dates back to '11 but the graphics are far superior to the latest Grid Autosport and they're not great by any of today's standards. I heard there were complaints about Grid 2 not having a cockpit view and looking at Autosport's they should've left it out again such is the unsightly mess. C'mon Codemasters retire that tired old game engine already and bring on something a bit more advanced with some decent physics as well. I'm not into console gaming but the new Forza and Gran Turismo are all but going to embarrass this game in graphics and physics. It's time to up the ante.