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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPVaTa8AZqA A nice video that I made that I think captures GRID Autosport. Hope you like :smile: 
  2. I'm guessing you tested them for qualifying. Using different setups can make a much bigger difference in the race e.g. tyre wear can be significantly more or less when using different setups. I will give some basic race setup ideas: WingsUsing a higher wing for both front and rear will give more grip, give less tyre wear but will make you more vulnerable in the straights. BrakingObviously you want to brake at the latest time without locking up. This is completely to your own preference, although a smaller brake disk can make the car feel more agile and easier to drive. However the braking dist
  3. I can't say using a different setup will make a massive difference. I know a guy who has done many setup testing and a setup will 1-1 wings compared to 11-11 wings around average downforce tracks didn't make much of a difference in qualifying times. Although getting that perfect setup can make the difference between winning and fighting for the last point in the race. On some tracks I can get 3-4 seconds quicker than legend AI in the race. I'll be sure to post some of my setups in the forum. - Mystro
  4. Yay now we can complain if there are any bugs in F1 2013! Just kidding xD It does look really nice though, you've done a great job CM!
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