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  1. I think that's your problem mate, because I think the physics are great. I'm using a G27 with a custom setup ( Logitech profiler and in-game ). Check some of the settings posted for the best steering wheel setup, I'm sure there is one that you like somewhere on the forum. 
  2. Did you guys do anything concerning audio? Just did a few laps with the australian V8 supercars. When in cockpit view I can barely hear any of the other cars around me and it sounds like I'm driving in a tunnel...Did the option ''AI Engine Limit'' exist before the update or does that have anything to do with this ''problem''?
  3. Would love to see this stuff ( probably won't happen though :P ) Tracks:( Mostly old Grid tracks ) DetroitLong BeachNurburgringDonningtonYokohama DocksMount HarunaAnd a lot more.. Cars:JDM EXPLOSION!~ MEGA PACK WITH OVER 100 CARS11!!! Nah just kiddin', these will do:Toyota Supra ( Tuner Super Modified )Mitsubishi Evo IX ( Tuner Super Modified )Subaru Impreza WRX '99 ( Tuner Modified )Porsche/Ruf 996 or 997 GT3 ( Endurance GT 2 ) More Le Mans prototypes like Grid 1 had Seat Leon ( Touring C )BMW M3 ( Touring B )Saleen S7 GT ( Endurance GT 1 ) And much.. much more, but I'm happy with a
  4. Thanks mate! That did it, for now this is an excellent fix, hope there will be a patch though. It looks a lot better now, but it can be even better if I could change the settings myself. 
  5. But I didn't even install the HD Texture pack, so that's not it I'm afraid :'(
  6. You know, there is a fix for Grid 2, it's called: ''Grid Autosport'' :P
  7. You're welcome ;) And yeah, it's ugly, it looks like some kind of cheap mod for race driver grid 2 with these settings lol.The cockpit blur is gone though, not that it makes it any better.. the cockpit looks like a plastic toy car from the 90's :P
  8. Thanks for the ultra fast reply haha.I'm glad it's not just me having this problem then, nice to see you are working on it! :)
  9. Hi all, First of all, I love Grid Autosport! :) Finally something great like Grid 1 again.I played the game for some hours and I'm really happy about everything but I have 1 problem: I have a Nvidia Geforce GT750-M graphics card and a program called nvidia geforce expierence.I checked the geforce expierence and updated my drivers so Grid Autosport would be recognized and optimized for my graphics card.At first everything looked fine, I saw that all settings were high or ultra, but I didn't really see it in-game, it didn't look that good. So I checked the graphics options again and noticed
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