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  1. Hi guys, I just bought the Super GT Nissan R35 for Endurance GT Group 1 online and I can't create any custom liveries for it. I was just wondering if this was a bug on my side, or if this car can't have a custom livery. It actually says "custom liveries 0/3" when you go to select one. Can anyone inform me of whether or not the Honda HSV-010 can use custom liveries so that I might purchase it if so? Thank you. If there are any other cars that can't have a custom livery, please post them here for everyone's reference.
  2. Sebring

    Racenet not communicating.

    I am also experiencing an issue with Racenet. Every time I click "Link Account" for PSN it either does nothing or loads indefinitely.
  3. Sebring

    GRID Autosport Bugs Thread

    Average speeds are not calculating correctly for players online. I haven't seen a single one over 20 mph.
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    GRID Autosport Bugs Thread

    Oh I forgot, here is another glitch I encountered. I know he would have qualified first anyway, but have a look at Arron Westley's qualifying time.
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    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Having played both GRID and GRID 2, I will add my comments to this thread. The vehicle physics are better than both GRID and GRID 2. They feel far better and more realistic than GRID 2 and encourage proper racing lines, etc. The physics are also better than the first GRID; with traction control off, you're able to feel how much traction you have and use power to fix your direction whereas in the first GRID, turning traction control off just seemed to make you spin out a lot. The career mode is much better than GRID 2. It's very well done and I enjoy how the disciplines are split. Events are unique enough. However, I enjoyed owning my own team in GRID, using my own livery, making money, buying cars, hiring my own teammate, and earning sponsorships. GRID's racing world felt rather alive in that drivers and teams would move through the ranks every season, and Ravenwest Motorsport wasn't present in every event. It feels a bit odd in GRID Autosport to move through the different series, seasons, and disciplines only to find the same teams in all of them. It's a different approach certainly. I would like it more if I felt like I was moving up through "feeder series" into bigger events, such as going from CAT C to CAT B to CAT A with each having different teams and different tracks (as in, CAT A would use full GP circuits and CAT C would use smaller circuits.) Also, it would be nice to have the Race Engineer to help tune the car in practice. It would make practice more worthwhile. The AI are still varied and not too predictable, just like in GRID. It makes the game more exciting when they take differing lines or spin without player input. However, this time around it seems like the AI really don't like to race as clean as they did in GRID. They like to hit me when I'm trying to stay clean at the start of the race or in a turn when they're faster than me, which is another point I'd like to bring up. It might just be me, but it seems like that on most circuits, the AI are poor at a section of track I seem to be good at and I gain time easily, but on other sections of track it's like they take impossibly difficult lines and will even hit me. This can be seen best at Brands Hatch GP on Endurance GT Group 2. I also have some gripes with Endurance Racing in GRID Autosport. I think fuel use and pitting should be options. It feels strange to have tire wear but not fuel consumption. I know Codemasters can do this well, as I've seen it in the F1 games! I also feel like the field should have to complete the final lap when the time runs out. Like in the first GRID, it would add a lot of realism to have several classes on-track at the same time. I think this could be done next-gen with more AI, so please consider it. This also goes back to having the feeling of moving through series, as in the first GRID we had real GT2 through LMP1 teams such as Oreca, Multimac, Audi, etc. There should also be at least 2 cars to choose from in each class. I'm mainly referring to Endurance GT Ultimate. As far as Online goes, I think it's mostly very well done, so I will only post the gripes I have about it. Some of the cars, especially the Cup cars such as the Shelby Daytona, are outrageously expensive, especially for a car to be used in a one-make race. I wouldn't complain about, say, a hypercar being 1.5 million dollars, but some are little ridiculous. Also, I think the one-make cups should only repeat one time as opposed to the normal series repeating twice. For example, online Endurance should do two GT Group 1 races, then one Mazda 787B cup as a break, and then two GT Group 2 races. Also, I don't know if anyone's noticed, but the flag displayed in-game reflects your single player driver rather than your IP, like GRID and unlike GRID 2. That means that if I want to have a little fun in single player and make a fictional driver, I will show up as Japanese when I am actually from the United States. I also think I should be able to copy liveries from car to car. I can't comment on racing wheels because I use a controller. Kudos for having fully customizable controls, and thanks for making one of the most fun racing games on PS3 (and the best one online.)
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    GRID Autosport Bugs Thread

    As a response to the earlier post regarding track debris, I'm fairly sure that was a one time bug as I have experienced track debris getting caught on my car and slowing me down. On to the bug I experienced. Several times when racing online in open wheel cars, Formula B I believe, I couldn't hear the engine at all. I could only hear the shifter.