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  1. luckyluke726

    Garage Slots

    Old thread but for me this is still a big issue. I wanted to play another discipline for a change, got the money to buy slots and a bunch of cheaper cars from Street class, huge dissapointment to find out I can't unless I sell all of my touring cars. Having to buy the garage slots is already silly, raising the price is annoying, but not even giving you the option because you're too low level is really pushing it. I know it's to sell dlc, but this doesn't make me want to buy the season pass, it makes me not want to buy anything from you ever again.
  2. luckyluke726

    Assists On or Off?

    I started all off, and I've played F1'13 and GT6 that way, but here I didn't get a good feel for the braking and after bying the '91 Nissan finally I put ABS on and it's definately better.
  3. luckyluke726

    One piece of advice....please!

    I guess everything's covered but I just wanna emphasize this because it's something you easily forget dodging the AI. You need to get close to the wall on the apex, if it were an open track you'd be going over it.
  4. luckyluke726

    Hey everyone! What was your first racing game?

    I think mine was Pitstop2 as well, on C64. Had tyre wear and everything.
  5. luckyluke726

    Online Cars and Filters

    I sold my golf early on and haven't missed it. Instead focused on bying touring cars, starting from the cheap ones. Once you got 3 or 4 cars from the same discipline it gets easier to find games for them.
  6. I didn't find others that impossible, got plat or gold in a few tries, but the demo derby is something else, not even bronze.
  7. luckyluke726

    Where are everyone?

    It works now, lots of players! Not sure what did the trick, changed my name, download region and restarted steam a few times. Maybe it was just steam summer sale rush.
  8. luckyluke726

    AI crashing game online custom cup

    I saw something similar. It was time trial and I think some of the AI cars didn't start, after everyone finished it was stuck at the results screen with some AI cars "racing". I guess the timer went out eventually but there was no one in the lobby afterwards so not sure if it just disconnected or something.
  9. On PC side the player base is so small it shouldn't be split by dlc, regions or anything. And while I'm fine with grinding cars and upgrades I understand that many others aren't. Grid's been pretty casual for a while now I'm not sure what crowd they're trying to appeal to.
  10. luckyluke726

    Where are everyone?

    Well I tried changing the region to UK London, but after the change it always got stuck to "joining game" or said I need to be logged in to steam(I am, and tried restarting). I did manage to get into one game through custom cup but that's it.
  11. luckyluke726

    Where are everyone?

    Having hard time finding any players today as well. Region Finland and playing Touring cars atm. I recall you had to change the steam download region to UK - London in Grid 2, anyone know if it's the same thing? I didn't do it for Autosport since I found plenty of players at first, from scotland to russia.
  12. luckyluke726


    Overall I like it, they got the basics right, but I gotta say it does feel a bit low effort for the price. Content and graphics feel recycled, and I don't think the online structure is much of a step forward.
  13. luckyluke726

    One major complaint about the tracks...

    If I have to learn a track I'd like it to be new at least. It's not a big deal either way for me, but I'd still like most of the tracks to play the way they were designed.
  14. Ha, I thought it was a bug, looks like something from PS1 era. But I guess it's better than nothing for those that want it.